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Cher Lloyd – M.I.A. (Cinema)

Mapper: XavierYes another Cher Lloyd map šŸ˜› just cause this song sounded so fun to map. Big Thanks to Sehria_k and TinkerVr85 for testplaying...

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Karaja – She Moves (la la la)

Mapper: the-salami-manOne for the dancers! Music video included too for... reasons hehe! Thanks to the test players XavieR, AllieCatVR, sh_balthazar and Tinkerglitch!

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Nicki Minaj – Yikes

Mapper: aCakeGameplay here: yikes

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Plastik Funk – Never Let Go

Mapper: hypersonicsharkzReupload - doubled bpm An amazing jammer I just had to map My usual mapping style with big sliders nā€™ stuff Enjoy!

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Trouble – Avicii

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Average Fox! Socials:

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{Chroma} Feint – Weavers

Mapper: SwifterThis map was a request from Pat_yee šŸ™‚ this song is a huge jammer honestly. Enjoy! Video:

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Hades – The Painful Way

Mapper: Sp234One of the many epic game OSTs the game Hades has, made by the talented composer - **Darren Korb** ! This version contains the...

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Mapper: aCakeGameplay here: We hope you enjoy our take on FIRE! We made 3 difficulties, so hopefully anyone can play this banger of a...

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twenty one pilots – Trees

Mapper: KansasExpert+ preview: I started this map in January and finally got around to finishing it! Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Vaser888, 3Stans, and jafdy...

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Geoxor – Galaxy

Mapper: Shan_Mannew teccy acc map yay, another banger by Geoxor I spent some time on lighting this, was pretty fun from now on I want to...

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Mapper: bejerProbably my favorite DREAMCATCHER song so i decided to map it. I made 3 difficulties from Exp+ to Hard, hope they arent too...

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[NoodleJams Vol.1] DIO – Holy Diver

Mapper: CyrixPart of NoodleJams vol. 1. Check out the rest of the pack here A very old song, but quite influential on music. This...

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[NoodleJams Vol.1] Get It Right (feat. MƘ) – Diplo

Mapper: xScaramouche Diplo - Get It Right (feat. MƘ) The Ramen Noodle group is back at it again, this time with a volume of...

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[NoodleJams Vol.1] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – ninjya re bang bang

Mapper: BloodcloakExpert+ Preview: The Ramen Noodle group is back at it again, this time with a volume of absolute jammers! This pack also features...

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[NoodleJams Vol.1] Green Day – American Idiot

Mapper: CyanSnowEasy, normal, hard, expert, expert+ Pack link:

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