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(Nightcore) ENTIRE Different World - Alan Walker Album

  • Whole Album, Alan Walker

Taking all of the songs off of Alan Walker's "Different World Album" and turning them into something EVEN better!... Nightcore! Most likely all the maps produced for this project will have 1 difficulty, either Expert or E+ depending on each song.

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Hi There! Aspiring map maker here, I'm new at making maps, and only about 4 months into beat saber but I appreciate the makers of the custom maps, and the makers of Bsaber/beatsaver . Its time I join the team in making beat saber better by providing free content to its players. My goal as a map maker is to provide a steady source of fun and engaging content for Beat Saber. Working a full time job limits my uploads but i strive for weekly releases. If you have any requests or comments about any of my content please feel free to message me!


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