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First Rate Town – Good Kid

Mapper: RFColafNEW GOOD KID JAMMER Nice quick fun map for you guys to enjoy πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Jacob for letting me map this. Love...

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Dance Gavin Dance – Lyrics Lie

Mapper: MuffnGance Davin Gance ex+ techy ex nerfed acc map

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RoughSketch – Booths of Fighters (Camellia’s “Barrage of Flurries” Remix) feat. DD”Nakata”Metal

Mapper: cerretmap reupload for rank. gl nerds. star estimate is proooooooooobaaaaabllllllllyyyyyyyyy uhhhhhhhhh like ~10 stars? idek the star values anymore man I'm so old.

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Dance Gavin Dance – Cream of the Crop

Mapper: cerretgl nerds

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Taylor Swift – 22 (but for actual rank)

Mapper: gBitzthanks Olaf

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[Ranked] Yooh – RPG (osu! World Cup 2021 Grand Finals Tiebreaker) (2023 best ranked map above 10 stars)

Mapper: ComplexFrequencyThis map is the culmination of 50 hours of mapping, with feedback from around 25 different players/mappers, and a lot of creativity +...

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KICK BACK (TV size) – Kenshi Yonezu (From Chainsaw Man) [Cinema]

Mapper: That_NarwhalChainsaw man OP β›“πŸ• We love Pochita <<<333 feat. guest Ex+ with @jabob THANK YOU VERY MUCH @aimedhades16 FOR MOD <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU @nolanimations...

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Dance Gavin Dance – Ember

Mapper: olbmaphleei love this song wooooo!!! thanks to all play testers (cerret. hitmewmusic, johniecanine) but not denyah, denyah stinks. im going for a accable midspeed map...

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Laur – Ultima Weapon

Mapper: TheHeyDJPodcastFor ranked now??????!!!!!!!!! First upload on the podcast account Huge thx to bitz for the fullspread lowers absolute legend quote from beans old description: 3 MAPPPERS??!?!?!?...

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trung-nova – Howl in the Night Sky

Mapper: gBitzThank you Cobayo for helping me get this into ranking queue! Incredible song by trung-nova. You can see more from them here: BroXen XroniXle...

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Revenge (ReeK’s What’s a Genre? Remix) – TryHardNinja

Mapper: OlafWhaaaaaat???? Qualified a day after upload?!?!?!? And then republished lmfaooo Originally uploaded to Nolan's account but he moved away from beat saber and stuff so I...

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Polka Dot Dobbins – Dance Gavin Dance

Mapper: cerretReupload cuz I forgot to change one set of bombs, now there's no bomb resets. Let's hope it plays better. gl nerds

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Aether Realm – The Sun, The Moon, The Star [DANCE MAP] [HSDMPWG]

Mapper: harbgythe FINAL map of HSDMPWG WOW πŸ™ RANKED ON BEAT LEADER ( i don't think it is yet but it will ) - RIP:...

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ninelie (REDSHiFT x Vesuvia remix)

Mapper: MuffnVersion 3 (3rd august), hope i made it better² pleeeeeease let me know if anything feels off 😭 -------------------------------------------------------------- Kinda rushed birthday present for se...

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Kobaryo – Theme for Psychopath Justice

Mapper: Aquafleecool 366 bpm speed map i made in like an hour (most of that was timing the intro) anyway have fun

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