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ALESDA! – Alone

Mapper: Phøenix Yet another banger of a track from ALESDA! Was a bit of a challenge to map since I don't normally map 5+ minutes,...

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Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

Mapper: giannikoch I know you are in trouble if you don't play this map! Hope you like it 😀 Issues/Feedback, Discord: GianniKoch#2001

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[Chroma] Villent – Reason

Mapper: Phøenix This song is an absolute bop that I knew I had to map for the world! Comes with Chroma, be sure to have...

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Ryan Mack – Broke

Mapper: jremcnuggies An amazing song by Ryan Mack that perfectly sums up my life right now! Please leave me any feedback on this map through...

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[Queue] NF – THAT’S A JOKE

Mapper: FatBeanzoop muffy muffo did le guest differino yay (yay!) 2 expert+'s on their way to ranked cheers fvrwvrd & Cobayo for the sick RT...

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Rainy Day – Ice Nine Kills

Mapper: Bytrius Something is creeping in the dark...

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KSHMR & Marnik – SHIVA

Mapper: nitronikexe I have not uploaded anything in a while and I am very busy right now with some bigger projects, plus work life. So,...

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The Sickest Squad X Andy The Core – Fake Drop

Mapper: helloimdaan another bomb reset mop B)

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USAO – Big Daddy

Mapper: Timbo Another Timbo USAO HAHAHAHHAHAH HAHAHAH Thanks to Jabo for the mo ! and thanks to slimyblob for supporting me and being a good...

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D-Nasty – Control Me

Mapper: richardlh05 those are some wacky timings right there showcase (thanks Jeff): RichardLH#0505 for feedback

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[Queue] YUC’e – Chemical Cookie

Mapper: Cobayo Queue moment Thank you so much for the support on the old versions of this map Enjoy B)

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Brand New Days (Yuyoyuppe Remix) – Yuri Kawamura

Mapper: Bytrius Thanks, RateGyro!

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Odd Eye – Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)

Mapper: Bytrius Made for AllieCatVR <3 Banger!

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linear ring – enchanted love

Mapper: nolan121405 my favorite rhythm game song played around a lot with face notes and stacks hope you all enjoy this map as much as...

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miitchel – knaller 2


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