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PinocchioP – Motivation Is Dead | V2 | [Chroma 2.5]

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EastNewSound | Song Of Love ft. 花咲あんな [Chroma 2.5]

Mapper: AaltopahWi You thought my mapping had improved? haha no.... heck. Expert gameplay (Personal favorite): Will upload rest of the videos later. Anyway here is something...

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NceS – Burn (Haocore remix) | [Chroma 2.5][Noodle]

Mapper: AaltopahWi trash fire. Go play 1c9c0 instead i beg. E+: Expert:

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ANGL – PARASITED (ft. Kagamine Len) [V2][Chroma 2.5]

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watson – I Thought I’d Like To Be _’d By Her (Irisu Syndrome! OST) | [Chroma 2.5]

Mapper: AaltopahWi I woke up one night and realized i was feeling sad. But it was ok because i was alone.

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lapix – Far Away (Mameyudoufu Remix)

Mapper: gBitz ranking queue Huge thank you to Jabob for RT mod also thank you CheckThePan and Rocker for playtests and feedback

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{Chroma 2.4} acloudyskye – Unraveling

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[Fitbeat] Dreams – Türküm

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[Chroma] ALESDA! – Koto Overdrive

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TUYU – If There Was An Endpoint [Chroma]

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TUYU – What If This Isn’t A Slave? [Chroma]

Mapper: AaltopahWi AYAYA. Making this map was so much pain. I don't like lighting TUYU that much and the map needed to reach certain expectations...

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We Got The Moves – Eskimo Callboy

Mapper: Bytrius Thanks, Average Fox!

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SKYND – Columbine (feat. Bill $aber) [Chroma 2.5]

Mapper: Fatalution Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable "All Effects" for the beautiful Chroma 2.5.0+ lightshow. This jams so hard it's not even funny....

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AJR – The Entertainment’s Here

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Death From Above – Kotori

Mapper: Skeelie Reupload ↓ added manual lighting, easy and normal diffs E+ preview (with old lighting) :

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