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"We classify and categorize and keep ourselves divided
We are all individuals not the images provided"
Subhumans(U.K.) - Labels


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September 4, 2021
A dedicated testplayer and a considerate mapper for newer/casual players, I would say he is a guardian for newer/casual players in terms of providing low difficulty feedback to mappers that include maps with easy to hard difficulties. Hence his role as a curator he helped point out the well balanced maps for those mentioned difficulties. Such feedback helped tone my own maps and made them more accessible to newer players untill they venture into the deeper waters ! Looking forward to viewing his work in the future and receiving much needed feedback on my potential maps ! 🙂

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Not supine often enough...

Casual Beat Saber player and mapper for casual players. WIPs: Favorte music that I try to create mapos fr: jungle/dnb, death/black/doom/stoner/prog metal, good techno, breakcore, some 80's stuff, various folk, various classical, and a myriad of odds and ends. Outside of Beat Saber, I play a little Synth Riders. Don't play any other games. I welcome your feedback on my maps, questions, and requests for testplays. Discord: monstor#4333 My pfp is a custom creation by my daughter, inspired by my nickname and my love of Beat Saber. My in-game avatar was created by Cocci.


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