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[Queue] ReeK – Galaxy Collision

Mapper: jabobgaming Queued on my 1 year mapperversary :sunglasses: Thanks so much to Narwhal for the RT and QAT mod 😀 Enjoy yourself, feedback to...

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Across the Wind [Arknights Soundtrack] – Erik Castro ft. Gracie Van Brunt

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Punk Rock Factory – DuckTales

Mapper: jremcnuggies Duck Tales. . . WOO. . . OOH

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[Noodle Extensions & Chroma] RoughSketch – Ill

Mapper: Sands ----------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: Read all the Warnings on the map and make sure you have the Settings they tell you to have otherwise the...

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Surprise – cute girls doing cute things

Mapper: 3Stans Hehllo description reader, only like a day after my other mop release, here is another! song is a jammer, might be mapping more...

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Lights On

Mapper: Vexillion Jammer

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INDUSTRY BABY [Noodle/Chroma] {Modchart}

Mapper: SpecVR WOOOOO! I'm finally able to post this with the delays of me going on vacation, Beat Saber updating, and BeatSaver being down for...

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Camellia – ZOMBIE CIRCUS (ft. Hatsune Miku)

Mapper: OneEyed After roughly 13 hours in the editor, this map's finally done. It's my first official map that's solely made by me, and any...

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Miles away from you – Android Apartment

Mapper: Atomosophere very jammer map, requested by Arisu#3747

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Yunosuke – Mum feat. flower

Mapper: Amankins Comfy song and a comfy map, hope everyone is able to enjoy 🙂 Mapping this was a lot of fun, and hope you...

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