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Yui Horie – Perfect Slumbers

Mapper: Joshabi Such a chill and relaxing song, thanks for the request Pixelboom!

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Master Of Shadows – Symphony of Specters

Mapper: Craedien Enjoy some Epic Music!

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Diana Fuentes & Gente de Zona – La Vida Me Cambio

Mapper: Majorpickle

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glaive & ericdoa – naturale

Mapper: nolan121405 one of my favorite songs of all time 10/10 hyperpop song, hopefully 10/10 map

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Sakase ya Sakase – EGOIST

Mapper: Uninstaller !

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S3RL – To Your Beat (ft. Hannah Fortune) (Radio Edit) [Chroma]

Mapper: Alice Thanks to S3RL for letting us map his track! Featured in S3RL's Music video! Has Chroma lights, please install Chroma for the full experience....

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Hatsune Miku – World is Mine (Geoxor Remix)

Mapper: Elecast A chill map of a geoxor song. If people like it I will probably make the other difficulties. Follow me on Twitter:

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[Heavy Halloween] KROWW – Call of the Void

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She Wolf – Shakira [PickleTech]

Mapper: techbutterfly Ahwooo! It's Shakira's 2009 hit, She Wolf, just in time for Halloween! This map is part of the PickleTech Halloween 2021 map pack....

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Bea Miller – Dracula [PickleTech]

Mapper: Majorpickle This map is part of the PickleTech Halloween pack 2021 . Join us on the Dancesaber Discord

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Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

Mapper: stormknight "Personal Jesus" is lead single off of "Violator," the 1989 album by English electronic band Depeche Mode. It was the first single of...

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Inabakumori – Lagtrain (Vo. Kaai Yuki) [Noodle Extension, Chroma]

Mapper: HickeyChan My second noodle map (= ^ ◡ ^ =) ATTENTION!!! This map requires a version of the game not lower than 1.17.0+ If...

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LOONA – Day & Night

Mapper: todai You’re goin’ around ’round, goin’ around and ’round~ Shouts out to my good pals noxn, SweetLolipop, and Verociity in the kpop discord for...

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ROUND TABLE feat. Nino – Let Me Be With You (TV Size)

Mapper: namaki_mono nostalgic! Map Preview: BPM: 130 NPS: 3.24 / 3.24 NJS: 17 / 17 Difficulty: Expert+ (Tech)...

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vaultboy – everything sucks

Mapper: night catchy song little dancey acc map 🙂 also simple chroma lighting to go with it Map Preview: Send Feedback: night#0101

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