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Green Day – Fire, Ready, Aim

Mapper: FireStrike_Absolutely love this song. Been sat on this map for a while for literally no reason so I'm finally uploading it lol. Enjoy...

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Fujii Kaze – Matsuri

Mapper: NTBasedlet's just celebrate collab with @CookedChili! we both made Ex+ maps thanks to @Nebelmonster and @lemin for playtesting and giving feedback! video preview soon

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[Chroma] Freaking Out – Tom Walker

Mapper: madchaseThank you @fakepope SOOO much for doing the Chroma lights for this song. Expert+ : Poodles Expert : Chains Thanks to all the Playtesters and Sorry...

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WRLD – Awake

Mapper: Avexusmy attempt at a more flowy style of mapping. maybe not my most polished map but, eh. better than no map for this...

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Knox – I’m So Good At Being Alone

Mapper: Chromia-Collab with the wonderful @oegoe Absolute banger more people need to listen to knox Honestly dont know if mine or ögö's diff is harder...

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In My Head (Spooky Remix) – Mike Shinoda & Kailee Morgue

Mapper: bsNico__"And I'm, trying to fake it, but there's, no way to escape it." "IN MY HEAD." This map has: V3, CHROMA LIGHTS, A SPECIAL COLOR PALETTE,...

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Ellie Goulding – Like A Saviour

Mapper: NebelmonsterBloq diff and lights by @OriginTT 😀 Reupload cause I frogor to add Origin's name in the mapper field of the map file smh.....

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[Arcs] Blanks – Not Scared Anymore

Mapper: ScorefamShowcase video =========================== This map uses arcs which is only compatible with version 1.20 or newer =========================== Blanks released a new song so I decided to map...

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