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화이팅! 》 Fighting! ☆
☆ English-borrowed word, written phonetically in Korean (romanized spelling: hwaiting)
A word exchanged between others, or even oneself in a form of motivational support.

You may already know this phrase living outside of Korea if you enjoy watching Korean dramas or films, or even clips or behind scenes/making of videos of Korean idols.

A friend sending their words of encouragement to cheer you up

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[ ID: wORST ]☆[ Name: Leanne ]

Excessive Custom Map Downloader, KPoppie, ARMY

▪︎ If it's not Beat Saber holding what little attention span I usually have... then it's Superstar BTS. ▪︎ This is my personal BeastSaber account, I love to find new maps to songs I love. However the Steam account [wORST] belongs to my boyfriend and I only use it for VR games (whenever he is not occupying his computer). ▪︎ HTC Vive user from April 2019 to June 2019 ▪︎Valve Index user since June 2019 ▪︎Proud fan and enthusiastic supporter of the passionate Kpop mappers who love making maps that I love playing, as well as the hardworking and ingenius modders who I have come to rely on for finding the custom maps and helping me perfect my techniques. They are all the reason I fell in love with this game! ٩(♡ε♡)۶


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