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Mapping is amazing

and luckily for me, it seems like my favorite kind of music is the easiest to map. I love electronic music of all sorts and I've attempted maps of a bunch of different genres under that category. Most of them won't see the light of day, but I've found mapping house music and random Haywyre bangers is pretty dang fun. --- When I'm playing and you surprise me by making me do something I do rarely or didn't know I could do at all, be it with some super-janky tech double or with a well-placed crazy burst, I'd say you've done a good job mapping. I try to do this in my maps with varying levels of success. Most of the time my first draft on a song is near-unplayable, but I've been getting better at learning my limits. --- But my limits are, of course, not the same as other people's, and I really need all the feedback I can get on my existing and WIP maps. If you've stumbled across my blurb here somehow, please let me know what you think about my maps by messaging me on Discord @lapras#0594, and maybe even consider playtesting for me. --- On the opposite end, I know most people are like me and want as many eyes as possible on their maps, and I am more than willing to playtest for anyone that wants it. I can't really give meaningful feedback for easy, normal or hard difficulties, but if you message me on Discord with a zip of a file to test or even a BeatSaver link, I'll be sure to play it in any case and record when I do. Thanks for visiting my profile.


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