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Introducing BeatLeader

Ready to grind? BeatLeader is a fully open source, community-driven leaderboard service that gives players more agency when it comes to how they want...

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ALIVE (TV Size) [Lycoris Recoil Opening] – ClariS

Mapper: Joetastic---------Map uses the new 1.21 Lights and note mechanics (eg: arch and chains) and won't work on any versions of Beat Saber below...

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Nothing But Requiem with Museo – Pentiment

Mapper: jojobananaWelcome to jojo's summer 2022 MEGARELEASE!! I've decided to release a bunch of maps that I've been holding onto for quite a while now,...

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[NE] Kubbi – Pathfinder

Mapper: AurelionaWow, this one is good. I went for a more "environment-centred" map style for this one, and I think it came out pretty well. Compared...

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[V3] John K – Everything

Mapper: SyncMy first V3 Map and a pretty nice Acc Map if I say so myself, I hope to make more of these, it...

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Figue Folle – Igorrr & Ruby My Dear

Mapper: ZikkityZakOTAMore Tech? What a surprise! Star Estimate: 9.57 Send feedback on Discord to ZikkityZakOTA#2316

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