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Beat Saber Custom Mapping - Song/Audio Editing

Beat Saber Custom Mapping: Audio/Song Editing (Syncing & Making it louder) Updated December 11th 2018: Guide now contains better workflow and more relevant information and less irrelevant information. Update January 17th 2019: Added links to appropriate guides...

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December 13, 2020
Your's were some of the first custom maps I played, and as I moved up to Ex+, I still use them as a benchmark against other maps when reviewing them. The fun flow and style of your mapping is what really got me into Beat Saber, thanks.
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July 11, 2020
Awesome mapping!
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March 4, 2020
Mysterious mapper from the land beyond a puddle that speaks hot potato in mouth tongue. One of my OG senpais. Visible in my older maps that my style was kind of derivative from yours and that my playstyle and preferences still match yours even if faster. A good friend. Talented in audio editing, helpful member of the community, a good friend. Few of your maps are some of my all time favorites. Also if i want to play chill i can always take any of your maps and just pop a lower diff and it's as enjoyable as a well made E+. Your maps are something to be proud of. Well designed and tested. Also when it comes to lights you are the god of OST style lighting. Good fren. Thanks for all you've done.
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Hey there! This is your fellow official mapper from Sweden! For my custom maps I've mostly mapped J-Pop, Anime and western metal and electronic songs. I make maps to be enjoyed with the music, which means I DON'T make extremely difficult maps, so Expert++ players shouldn't expect to break much of a sweat on my maps. I tend to do Easy through Expert+ difficulties to the songs where it fits.


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