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[12 Genres of Christmas Pack] Sleigh Ride – Pentatonix

Mapper: madchaseExpert+ : Poodles Expert : Bloqs Expert+ Lawless : Poodles (No Walls) Expert Lawless : Bloqs (No Walls) Thanks to all the Playtesters. Took a tiny...

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Mapper: bellus"I apologize if the squats in the music break section are a little bit intense. Just think of it as when you're trying...

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MARINA – How to Be a Heartbreaker (Nightcore edit)

Mapper: CoolingClosethowge to bege a heartbreakerge

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Sugar Rush – Asian Hideout

Mapper: winteredgeFinally decided to upload something from the graveyards of my wipfolder Hope you enjoy it! 4 diffs, top diff is slightly techy and wide. Map Preview:...

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Justin Bieber – Anyone

Mapper: TheCzar1994Song Title: Anyone Artist: Justin Bieber YouTube preview: *Gushy map description ahead...* Heard this song a few weeks ago and could not for the life of...

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Tanger – Clockwork [Chroma]

Mapper: ben208new map i guess song is a bop mapping is cool lights are fine i suppose thanks for testplaying: @hexagonial, @Luposity thanks for the mod: @Azurii

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VIVIZ – Blue Clue

Mapper: Tocxxbanger Forgot who playtested :sweat: Preview: Join the kpop beat saber disc! I hope you all like it <3 - tocxx

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Billlie – nevertheless

Mapper: Tocxxyou make me say wow, wow, wow, wow If you playtested this, thank you so much! I had a ton of playtests to get it...

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Dua Lipa – Dance The Night

Mapper: Jonas_0_0Gameplay: Thanks to Hexagonial for the testplay!

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[Punk Goes Pop Vol.2] Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

Mapper: UndeceiverThe original song is far from my usual music taste, but I can recognize a good song when I hear one, and David...

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Mapper: Acubenseasily the best op this season (now with 2 diffs!!) no custom lights tho hehe

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Oh well. / kennedyxoxo – Severing

Mapper: PhøenixQuick little speedmap on my birthday but I didn't finish in time so it's a couple days late. When BL nominations open again...

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Circus Contraption – Wicked Fascinations (DirtyPaws Remix)

Mapper: Tranchmap is crazy :3 .tranch

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Dan Terminus – Oubliette [Modchart + Vanilla]

Mapper: UndeceiverAs of 30/09/2023, this is ranked on Beat Leader. NOTE: Make sure you have updated Noodle Extensions if you play Lawless. This map relies...

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Ray Volpe & Marshmello – Old School

Mapper: Avexusmellotron speedmap! i am pretty sure this is good enough. i'm not a huge fan of marshmello, but damn him and volpe make a...

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