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Super Nukoni Narennkatta すーぱーぬこになれんかった ー Mafumafu

Mapper: Emir

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Srav3R – Late Night Coastline

Mapper: RomenMy first acc focused map. easy - true acc normal - acc hard - low midspeed

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Karmin – Acapella

Mapper: TimboTech-Acc map Preview:

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MC Kevinho e Wesley Safadão – Olha A Explosão

Mapper: emiliaOlha o que ela faz no baile funk com as amigas Mapeado em menos de meia hora 🤡 Song got some cool rhythms so it...

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Yasuo-P ft. Hatsune Miku – Electric Angel (Theo Gobensen Remix)

Mapper: cat-using-a-toasterhatsune miku song :0 :0 :0 vocaloid moment!!!! hatsune miku + hardstyle who knew that worked uploading early cause i cba to get more tests

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Schwank & Tanger – deathwish

Mapper: SpoekleI took way too long to map this god. Some parts are just really weird to map and time correctly, but yet here...

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Camellia – Madd Bleepp

Mapper: ThySpoonI'm really proud of this map Cool map with lots of different bits Going for rank once queue limits clears up 😀 Thank you skalx and...

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Teminite & MDK – Space Invaders

Mapper: Avexusit's time... to fight back it is back, for the third time (and final) time, and with a downmop for those who dont like...

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[Fitbeat] Working for the Weekend (feat. bbno$) [prod. AJR] – MAX

Mapper: EmotionalFlight Part of the bbno$ Fitness Pack! Expert+ 90 Preview: Many thanks to all the testplayers and guides through making my first proper Fitbeat...

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Juggernaut. – Riot

Mapper: FnytRecently found out about this new album, majority of the tracks slap hard. Fullspread + a little bit of bomb momento

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Kobaryo – Sulyvahn [feat. USAO]

Mapper: Team-kobaonTeam kobaon's first map! Kobaon members. @Sobas , @komeijisan051 , @zeon-gitien Soba`s : start - 24s & 185s - finish komeijisan : 25s - 43s & 127s...

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Sudoverse – NRG

Mapper: Fireluke_GamingThanks Braido for the special request! Expert+ and Expert map of "NRG" by Sudoverse with automated lighting and the new arc and chain note...

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[Fitbeat] Admit It – Bbno$

Mapper: snowman6251Get ready to squat ladies and gentlemen. Part of the upcoming Bbno$ Fitness Pack, set to release June 20th! Here is a video preview of...

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dlb – шлюха

Mapper: Fireluke_GamingThank you Kleebork for the special request! Expert+ map of 'шлюха' by Raid Wait with automated lighting. Hope you enjoy it! (Song will appear as shlyukha...

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ginkiha – Paved Garden

Mapper: XAce1337manXPreview: How long does it take to light a map? Apparently half a year. Any feedback welcome on Discord: XAce1337manX#9170 Thanks to @namaki_mono and @3stans for...

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