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Calliope Mori x Hoshimachi Suisei – CapSule

Mapper: Irishmapped by Mori Simp x Suisei Simp LULW collab with rustydesu!! thanks to Umuruq for the playtest!!

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Kanaria – KING x Envy Baby (Will Stetson Cover)

Mapper: CoolingClosetenvy baby (twee)

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[Yorushika Pack] 爆弾魔 Bomber – Yorushika

Mapper: EmirYorushika Pack (will soon) 9/ 18 twitch : twitter : discord : Emiru#9999

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Mapper: BytriusC4N y0u h34r m3 tHr0uGh tH3 wH1t3 n0153?!?!

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t+pazolite – Hanavision

Mapper: jabobgamingprobably my favorite tpaz song inspired by shappy's old map but just modernized shoutout to Jonathan Star Estimate: 10.3

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Masayuki Suzuki – Love Dramatic [TV Size] (From Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

Mapper: ThySpoonMapped all the Kaguya-sama intros. This is from season 1. Amazing song Preview:

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YOASOBI – Ano Yume wo Nazotte

Mapper: Nolanimationsgood song!!!!!!!!! fuck your lead-in weakass

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Giga – Plus Danshi Ver. Reol

Mapper: gBitzCollab with SlimyBlob for rank when I actually finish making the ex+ good Ex+ & H - Bitz Ex, N & E - @SlimyBlob

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Oh No! (I Feel Like I’m The Worst So I Always Act like I’m The Best) – Marina and the Diamonds

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Cryston!

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Tonight Alive – The Edge

Mapper: CokeInjectorjammer jammer jammer jammer jammer jammer jammer jammer jammer

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Strawberry’s Wake – Dance Gavin Dance

Mapper: BytriusThanks, symphonic!

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[Queue] TANO*C Sound Team – BATTLE NO.1

Mapper: gBitzRanking queue Thank you Timbo for mod <3 All diffs mapped by me. Custom chroma lights done by HypersonicSharkz and Luck (they are very cool)

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All My Love (feat. Conor Maynard) (Sagan Remix) – Cash Cash

Mapper: OlafUNLIT BOMBS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Goodbye leaderboard, I had 1 "n" too many in the metadata 💀💀💀 (also fixed JD cuz it was random af lol) New...

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The Title Track – Origami Angel

Mapper: tranch(Not Auto-lighted) Tranch#8341

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Tell Me You Know – Good Kid

Mapper: tranchTranch#8341 I made changes

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