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L’Antica(THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS) – Kakumei Shinkaron

Mapper: fuyakeruPlease install chroma. L'Antica is a five-member unit that is characterized by the difference between their everyday life and when they are a unit! This...

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KOTOKO – Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi! (Short ver.)

Mapper: ge2toroHayate no gotoku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @noi for playtest! Hayate the Combat Butler ハヤテのごとく! KOTOKO - Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi! 七転八起☆至上主義! original: Ge2toro#6039

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We Came As Romans (Feat. Caleb Shomo) – Black Hole

Mapper: emiliaRequested by CarbonGSD Another banger from We Came As Romans Includes semi custom lights! and includes custom colors too Any questions or suggestions DM me on Discord:...

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Rameses B – Prometheus

Mapper: eurnkungSpecial request by Nanny Punchita

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What’s your “Please” Magic? – Waccha PriMagi

Mapper: pupupi

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Kai-Sayonara Princess

Mapper: ULTRA_AlamodeMy 3rd map. 三作目、Kaiさんの『さよならプリンセス』です。テンポが速かったこともあり、ある程度歯ごたえのある難易度になりました。 preview:

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[Modchart] Maximizer

Mapper: t2_From My New Album「Maximizer EP」 Playing Video↓↓

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Lonely Girl – HACHI

Mapper: misterlihaoLonely Girl / HACHI 【Official MV】 preview:

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Zenbu Honto de Zenbu Uso – Nanawo Akari

Mapper: pupupiDouble expert+ level of difficulty map @Dack, thank you for making a map

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aquoferne – Love in losing

Mapper: HAMCOREWelcome to my first map! This track is made by a very talented friend of mine and I thought it would be fun...

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Northern Country Gentlemen – Ghost Train

Mapper: AaltopahWi´I thought i were used to this´ Requested by dear friend Maybeemae and made as gift. Also this was made to be compatible fully to...

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[Modchart] Aurora – Tanger

Mapper: nasafrasaSimple Modchart I made in a week! i just wanted to see what I could do with custom environments, and I think this...

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Für Elise (Klutch Dubstep Trap Remix)

Mapper: Fireluke_GamingHi! Hope you enjoy this map as I put a lot of time and effort into it! Definitely my proudest map yet 😀 Full...

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Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day) – Topic & A7S

Mapper: Faded99Yo! New song I like and made a map with. Have fun! Thanks to lucawieczorek for playtesting ^^ Playthrough (Expert+): [Recommended mod: C H R O...

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Good-bye Elegy(さよならエレジー)

Mapper: Porunto_eastwoodOriginal : さよならエレジー / 菅田将暉 (sayonara elegy/ masaki suda) 作詞・作曲:石崎ひゅーい(Fuwie Ishizaki) sing:芦澤サキ / SAKI ASHIZAWA

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