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Chop Suey! – System of a Down (Audica)

Mapper: Jaysterr Artist: System of a Down Name: Chop Suey! Artist: System of a Down Author: Jaysterr Difficulties: Expert, Advanced, Standard, Beginner Length: 3:35 Video: Notes: Why'd you leave the keys upon...

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Leviathan – NeLime (Audica)

Name: Leviathan Artist: NeLime Author: Jaysterr Difficulties: Expert+ length: 2:13 Download Notes: Expert + difficulty level, My first attempt at making my own custom sustain sounds, and lots of fun...

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American Money (AWAY Remix) – Børns (Audica)

Name: American Money (AWAY Remix) Artist: Børns Mapper: Jaysterr Difficulties: Standard, Advanced, Expert Length: 5:14 Video: Download

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