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Earth Day Letters to the Community

Letters from Zephyr and Hitmewmusic Dearest BeastSaber Community, Thank you for giving us your time this Earth Day. I live on a tropical island with a...

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The Beasties: Introducing the Finalists!

And the finalists are... The 2021 Beast Saber Mapping Awards are underway! After receiving 85 unique nominations for more than 760 maps across 29 categories,...

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2021 Beasties: The Nomination Process

The end of the 2021 Beast Saber Mapping Awards ("The Beasties") eligibility period is almost upon us. Maps released between December 1, 2020 and November...

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Introducing the BeastSaber Mapping Awards

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Congratulations to BSMG Halloween Contest Winners

The BeastSaber team would like to congratulate all of this year's winners of the Beat Saber Modding Group Halloween Spooktacular Creation Contest! This year's categories...

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2021 BeastSaber Survey – One DAY left!

There's still time to share your opinions in the 2021 BeastSaber Community Survey! We're looking for input from all segments of the community and we...

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Mapper Profile: Pixelguy

Take a walk through the mapping and lighting mind of Belgian mapper and BeastSaber Editor, Pixelguy! (more…)

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Mapper Profile: ETAN

For Mapper Monday this week, we sat down with Building Blocks 2020 competitor and Eastern music mapper ETAN. (more…)

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Mapper Profile: CyanSnow

You might recognize this week's featured mapper from their tech-y style, their trippy Mapping/Noodle Extensions wall maps, or from their #00ffff colored Mapping Support...

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Mapper Profile: Uninstaller

Welcome to this week's edition of Mapper Monday! This week we talked with with long-time tech-style mapper and ScoreSaber ranking team member, Uninstaller! ...

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Mapper Profile: Fruhead

You can take the professor out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of the professor. This week's mapper profile features...

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Mapper Profile: OfficialMECH

Where are all the easy, normal, and hard maps? Look no further than full-spread mapper OfficialMECH. Happy one year mapperversary! Mapping since:...

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The Ultimate Guide to Beat Saber Custom Songs

There are 65,000+ custom levels available for Beat Saber. This article will help you find what you want and then get playing—whether or not...

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Mapper Profile: Light Ai

This week we sat down with Dutch mapper Light Ai for a chat about mapping, BeatKhana, the meta, and more! ...

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Mapper Profile: Skeelie

Welcome to today's article of our “Mapper of the Week” series featuring Skeelie! We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside these mapper’s heads...

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