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First map in the works! Starting with Expert (in play testing as of 3/8/19) with Hard and (maybe) Normal coming soon. Many thanks to Redmagi, Fruhead, Alzaraf, AsmstradHero, and Vanya for feedback so far!

I'd rather spend 60 minutes in Beat Saber than 60 minutes on a treadmill any day of the week.

Helen Carnate

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Helen Carnate

Hey! I'm relatively new to Beat Saber but already HOOKED. I primarily do BS for fun and fitness so you'll rarely see me playing crazy hard Expert+ maps for l33t scores. I regularly track 650+ active cals in a 60 minute session (thanks, Apple Watch!). I'm just starting to get into mapping because there are SO MANY fun songs out there that no one has mapped yet. I'd love your feedback once they get out into the wild!

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