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kanon x kanon – The Doll House (V2)

Mapper: EOP Glacier# 127 Uploading as slow as 2020. Also remap of a 2020 map, now with arcs. Also also, somehow messed it up, jd...

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[DITR4] Cider Girl – Cinderella (Komi Can’t Communicate Opening)

Mapper: raccoonvrDiamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map....

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Miss Papaya – Pink Dinosaur (Short ver.)

Mapper: namaki monowait, this isn't YuNi... Map Preview: Twitch: Twitter:

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Crown – Nekomiya Noru

Mapper: Mux#105 Nekomiya-san's original song! Moody music and soothing singing voice Nekomiya-san's just started beatsaber,so we have three gentle difficulty levels

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Kairiki Bear – Iya Girl

Mapper: Yaominかいりきベア - イヤガール 合作↓の単品

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Energy Drink – Virtual Riot

Mapper: BytriusFor the Virtual Riot pack! One of the best EDM songs to ever come out PERIOD NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat...

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Shawn Wasabi feat. Spacegirl Gemmy – Tokyo Tea

Mapper: Shan_Manmapped and did lights for once again another chill map enjoy Shan_Man#7777

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Police Picadilly feat. Kafu – Furachina Kassai

Mapper: mojo_vr4th map! reuploaded with an autolighter.

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The Fight Within – Memphis May Fire

Mapper: BytriusI might be lost until I reach the end, but I'll keep moving. NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat Saber versions 1.20.0...

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Ara – Ihen wa Itsumo Sukima Kara (Short Ver.)

Mapper: JoshabiChill Jazzy version of Necrofantasia

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23.exe – Clipping Radio ft.Hatsune Miku

Mapper: AliceLights by Lolighter. Map requested by Mojo Preview: Send feedback to me through Twitch or Twitter

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