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Ado – Usseewa (うっせぇわ)

Mapper: SlimyBlobMore Slimy tech woohoo! I went with even more agressive angles in this map 'cuz they fit the energy very well I feel. I can...

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The Fool – Fleshgod Apocalypse

Mapper: Jaackthe chorus says "beanz meanz heinz", you can now never unhear this. A HUGE FUCKING THANK YOU to DE125 for letting me use his...

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Burn Up! H A R C O R E S

Mapper: A JhintlemanYes yes, another older map I polished and added a bit of tech to. Enjoy! DM me on discord A Jhintleman#3107 to complain...

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Shawn Wasabi – HOTTO DOGU

Mapper: accidental-sandwich**WARNING: TECH MAP** (Lower diffs are not as cursed) | N | H | Ex | Ex+ NPS...

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