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  • epicewok posted in the group BeatDrop

    1 year, 2 months ago
    Greetings People of the /bsaber domain!

    I just wanted to share a simple fact with you all: I LOVE Monstercat.

    Hands down one of the coolest music labels out there with the best artists, and naturally the best songs. It should be no surprise that some of the loyal fans (myself included) have gone about mapping a few songs from the label for beat Saber. The issue is: Monstercat has a MASSIVE freaking library of songs to choose from, so there are a few more niche songs that slip through the cracks as newcomers join the community.

    So guess what?

    I took the time to methodically track down as many Monstercat beat saber maps as I could (regardless of difficulty and flow) and now I am sharing my list with you all! It’s my intention to keep the list as updated and accurate as possible, so definitely expect some updates from the playlist as time goes on. Enjoy. :3
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HELLLLO. I'm Epicewok ( pronounced Epic-Ewok, not eh-piece-wok) I go to university, fly planes, work as a stage lighting designer, and make music. As you can tell from my skill set, I fell in love with beat saber because it just seemed made for me. I play hard, I make maps and I love the community. Shout out to elliottate for reaching out to me and introducing me to this sweet community platform.

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