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RoughSketch feat. DD”Nakata”Metal – Booths of Fighters (Camellia’s “Barrage of Flurries” Remix))

Mapper: cerretone of my favorite maps of mine, also absolute banger songe gl nerds

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t+pazolite – Muzik Overload

Mapper: uwu422lmao trash lights by lolilighter 🙂

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Holy Tony – Beanos Theme Song

Mapper: riasuhepic jammer Spongebob Beat, wish it was a longer song tho 🙁 hope you will enjoy this @gbitz for feedback pls DM @ riasuh#2165

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Codly – Lucy, The God Of Time (feat. Sakuzyo)

Mapper: CobayoThis is a very experimental map I made, I hope you enjoy it

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Archspire – Reverie on the Onyx

Mapper: ThySpoonthis is my favourite song 370bpm gl preview

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Camellia – KillerBeast

Mapper: aimedhades16 That's why I'm bringing it back, bringing it back (Uh) That's why I'm flinging the track, like I'm swinging it back That's why I'm bringing it back, bringing it...

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Aegleseeker (“Afterworld” Full Version) – Silentroom & Frums


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Futa Generation [Vibe Tribe Song Pack] – Tektheist

Mapper: JoetasticThe Tenth map in the Vibe Tribe Song Pack, "Futa Generation" by Vibe Tribe VR is an EU Hardcore VR DJ community. To...

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{Chroma+} aspect & Viznode – Celestial Bloom

Mapper: SwifterThese 3 maps are based on internal lore written by the artists, this is our depiction of what they described. Please do yourself...

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Camellia – finorza (feat. Nanahira)

Mapper: GalaxyMasterOver 30 hours in the editor and over a year in the making, this is definitely my longest running project yet. I've learned...

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Mia REGINA – I got it! (7_7 bootleg)

Mapper: nightxroseI made xrose midspeed enjoy -- this song is a jammer (day xrose debut solo map) BPM: 230 NPS: 11.96 SPS: 10.27 NJS: 21.5 JD: 19.80

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pxzvc – Bad Idea (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)

Mapper: nolan121405denyah played a cool song on stream that reminded me of this so i mapped it quickly its also that one amv song

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Armin van Buuren vs Vini Vici ft. Hilight Tribe – Great Spirit (Wildstylez Remix)

Mapper: Nolanimations!!! WOOOOO WIDE !!! !!! WE LOVE BEEG SWEENG !!!

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iShowSpeed – F.U.C

Mapper: bizzythis song goes so hard mix of speed and tech enjoy Bizzy#7621

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t+pazolite – my fault, your fault, & her fortune

Mapper: jabobgamingim told people like my speed maps so here is a speed map mapped in 1 hour honestly a jammer though Star Estimate: 10.2

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