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How To Install Custom Songs & Mods On Beat Saber For Oculus Meta Quest

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How To Download And Install New Custom Songs & Mods On Beat Saber

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Wishing You Could Go Back In Time? (How To Downgrade To Any Older Beat Saber Version, Quest included!)

Maybe you’ve updated Beat Saber to version 1.14 on Oculus Quest and BMBF hasn’t been updated yet, so you wish you were still on...

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Oculus Quest Recording / Live Streaming Guide

If you're looking for the BEST way to record or livestream from your Oculus Quest, this guide is for you! There are other methods...

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The Ultimate osu! to Audica Converter

We’ve had rhythm game map converters before, but… they usually aren’t very good. The first full-length custom song ever for Beat Saber was actually...

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The Ultimate Audica Custom Songs & Mods Guide

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BeatSync (SyncSaber) – Send Maps to Your Game from

SyncSaber Is Now BeatSync UPDATE: The in-game BeatSync mod is not updated for the latest version of Beat Saber. Use the new BeatSync Console to do the same...

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Fixing Out of Sync Playthroughs / Screen Recordings On The Oculus Quest

The Quest is amazing for Beat Saber, however, one thing that it doesn't do well at the moment is record playthroughs with everything perfectly...

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Pistol Whip Custom Song Guide

In this guide, I'll simply show how to swap out a song in Pistol Whip. The timings, visual effects, etc. are all generated from the...

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How The Scoring System Works In Pistol Whip

Excellent video version of this guide When I first tried Pistol Whip at OC6, I was instantly addicted. Awesome Guns? Check. Great Rhythm Game mechanics? Check. Super...

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BeatOn: Pure modding magic comes to Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest

UPDATE: BeatOn has been replaced with BMBF. Follow this tutorial to install instead: How To Install Custom Songs On Your Quest or   The Following is outdated and...

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Bsaber Dark Mode Theme

If Bsaber is too bright (especially when browsing during the night so it doesn't look like staring at the light of a thousand suns)...

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200k Contest! Win An Oculus Quest! – “How the BSMG Impacted My Life”

  If you hadn’t noticed yet, our BSMG Discord now has over 200k members! What started as just a handful of us with the desire...

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Scoresaber Comes To The Quest!

EDIT: Unfortunately, Scoresaber has not been updated in a while. Unless you have a copy of the old Beat Saber for Quest version, you...

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UPDATED: Let’s Help Kyle 1413 (legendary modder) Get An Oculus Quest!

Update: You made it happen!! Thank you everyone who generously gave for this. Within less than 12 hours, Kyle reached 183% of his goal!...

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Hey guys! I'm Brian and I'm a Beat Saber addict (chorus of support group in a monotone voice - "Hi... Brian..."). I LOVE music. I remember the first time that I really listened to music - it was an Enya tape that I stole from my dad on an old taped up Sony player. That first experience was magical. It transported me to another world and I remember spending hours just listening. As life got busy, I had forgotten how much I enjoy just listening to music. Beat Saber really kinda awoke that with in me again. It's an incredible power that music has to stir things in the soul.


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