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NCT DREAM – Better Than Gold

Mapper: eurnkungthis song's quality is just as its title said (yes) My Expert+ Gameplay: Join KPOP Beat Saber Discord: Feedback is always appreciated eurnkung#6176

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Psychofreak – Camila Cabello Feat.Willow (Cinema)

Mapper: XavierWell It's been 3 months since i have uploaded a map for u all to play .I figured it's time to get back...

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Sleepwalking by All Time Low

Mapper: vanitygirlThis is my first published map... Huge thanks and hugs to Andynak for all the time spent helping me learn how to do...

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LE SSERAFIM – The Great Mermaid

Mapper: TocxxFirst map of 2023 Preview: Thanks to @alice and @gmiz92 for the playtests! I hope you all like it <3 - Tocxx#0001

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ITZY – Cheshire

Mapper: eurnkungStarting off my first map of the year with a banger (big thanks to @Tocxx for Ex+ testplay) Expert+ Gameplay You enjoy all kpops I...

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H1-KEY – Rose Blossom

Mapper: minsiii🌹 No I’m not goin’ down I’ll be alright Yeah I’m only goin’ up and Imma be alright 🌹 Stream the MV here: Map preview:...

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Tokyo Machine – TURBO

Mapper: Avexusspeedmapped tokyo machine didnt have the patience to make multiple diffs, but theres plenty of other maps for this that are easier. map preview hhhhhh:...

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Gareth Coker – Trailer (Ori and the Blind Forest DE)

Mapper: vivryHere's a map from one of the songs from the Ori and the Blind Forest OST. This is also my first map with Chroma...

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[V3] Sabrina Carpenter – Nonsense

Mapper: LekrkoekjAn Expert+ map for Nonsense by Sabrina Carpenter, from her newest album called 'emails i can't send'! Check out my map for the Christmas...

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Dance Gavin Dance – Cream of the Crop

Mapper: symphonic"When it gets heavy you can bail out, regather Take a beat and come back steadier than ever!" Back in March 2022, before I started...

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Caravan Palace – April

Mapper: RygerPlaythrough:

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AU5 – Inflex (Cinema Experience)

Mapper: XavierI have been sitting on this map for over a year now . Think I put 25-30 hours into this one I...

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[Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Pack] I Really Want To Stay At Your House (Chroma) – Hallie Coggins & Rosa Walton

Mapper: Joetastic---------Map uses the new 1.20 Note mechanics (eg: arch and chains) and won't work on any versions of Beat Saber below 1.20--------- Map Preview: Part...

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[Fitbeat] JVKE – Upside Down

Mapper: Scarladore*Up down, right down, Looking for your love, right now* Expert+ includes techy leans, squats, bombs, dodge walls, and giant swings. Expert is similar...

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Kep1er – Wing Wing

Mapper: eurnkungKep1er's Japanese debut song is here! It is the title track for their 1st single album, FLY-UP. Stream their MV! My Expert+ Gameplay: Thanks to @aggrogahu...

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Damaris Berrios Matonti


Proud wife & mom of 5, devout Bible student. Quest 2 user and official Beat Saber addict. In December 2020 one of my older sons introduced me to this amazing game called Beat Saber. After playing their songs, I was hooked and wanted more so I purchased every single music pack they had available. Then in early 2021, I saw someone online playing a custom song that wasn’t available in game, so I said to myself “self, we gotta learn how to get these custom songs!”. That was the beginning of my bsaber journey. The people I’ve met are amazing! I’ve learned so much from this community. And now not only am I playing all these wonderful custom maps, I’m now learning how to create them. My hope is that as I become more experienced, I can then pay it forward like this wonderful community has done for me. And maybe, just maybe a few people will enjoy the maps that I make.


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