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Purpose of references and citations in a research paper

Using references and citations is very important for all forms of academic writing especially for research paper writing. The use of references also allows you to steer through an area of knowledge like an expert essay writer. You can choose from various authentic sources to solidify your work.

Citations are used to reference sources of information which can be either published or unpublished sources. The kind of citation depends on the referencing style used in the paper such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago.

 Citations and references have various important roles other than preventing plagiarism, so let me explain them.

  1.     It allows the writer to give credit to the author or source from which an idea or words were borrowed.
  2.     Referencing allows acknowledgment of an author for their intellectual property rights and prevents intellectual dishonesty.
  3.     Intellectual honesty is a very important aspect of being an academic researcher. It allows you to give credit where it is due.
  4.     Moreover, the students can use millions of sources available in the online library to generate ideas or support their arguments. The authors of these publications spend an extensive amount of time and energy in their work, so it must be acknowledged when it is used.
  5.     Referencing is also important to provide support and authenticity to your work. It allows the paper to establish authority by citing and quoting other papers that have highlighted similar findings.
  6.     Quoting experts also increases the knowledgeability status of the author by showing that you are aware of the important scientific contributions in your field. 
  7.     References also ensure the accuracy of your information by using authentic sources.
  8.     It allows the reader to trace out any useful links and sources that they could use for further reading.
  9.     Using appropriate referencing increases the persuasive power of your essay. While also lending credibility to your findings and analysis.
  10. In-text citations can be used in the literature review to provide background information on a topic. It builds the context for your research by indicating the already existing work in the field and indicating the significance of the new research.
  11. Citations provide the sources for the material used in the research paper, which allows other authors to critically evaluate the paper.
  12. Citing other sources also indicates that you are well aware of your area of study. It shows that you have conducted thorough research and review of literature so you are coming from a critically informed viewpoint.
  13. Citing sources also allows you to stay safe from allegations of plagiarism.
  14. Citing sources can detract your credibility but if you cite the sources correctly it can save your reputation. The wrong information in your paper can be traced back to the source of that information and is challenged at some point which can safeguard your position.
  15. Inability to cite sources can also cause legal action for the theft of intellectual property so citing other works is essential to prevent any repercussions. So start sourcing properly from college to build this habit of referencing early.

Conversely, if you do not use enough references it can indicate your lack of understanding of a topic and incompetence as a researcher. If you are still feeling confused about referencing you can contact an essay writing service for help. If not, look at some more suggestions on proper referencing and its importance.

  •         Even when your work or idea resembles that of someone else, you need to mention the work of the other author to acknowledge their work and also highlight to the reader that you have done sufficient research to know of this work.
  •         Moreover, mentioning other sources will validate the significance of your study or further explore the previous work.  It may expand the existing work with new methods or techniques or offer a fresh perspective.
  •         If you adapt the technique or data table from existing literature then you should cite it as adapted work for proper referencing.
  •         If some research has been conducted by multiple authors then you need to mention the names of all these authors to identify that it has been extensively researched and now you want to focus on a particular area.
  •         If you are working on a research topic that has already been researched in the past, then you can do an updated version of the current circumstances for subjects of social sciences as the data changes with time.
  •         If your area of interest has been researched recently, then you can explore the literature to identify a new problem in that particular area for exploration.
  •         If you find some opinion of a work that sounds like what you want to say then you can quote it directly with a citation and use this as an opportunity to voice your ideas and provide them legitimacy.
  •         If you have a list of sources, you should quote from the recent sources as they build upon the existing sources to form the recent findings. You should cite the recent editions of the books in your work.

A very old reference might be included as groundbreaking or foundational research on a particular area of interest. When I write my essay, I try to include my own analysis as well. You should always try to use your own insight and analysis. 

Keep in mind that you do not need to use references for your personal observations, experiences, thoughts, common knowledge, or personal analysis. For all other sources like research papers and reports you have to include references.

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