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November 6, 2020
As a fan of metal I just had to make an account and leave a review. Love your work!
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August 8, 2020
Some of the absolute funnest and best flow maps I have ever played and honestly kinda ruined some other maps for me because his flow is amazing. I spent an hour and a half trying to get a full combo on the Road of No Release by Blind Guardian and I didn't even notice the time going by. Can't wait for all your future metal maps, or just maps in general because they are all extremely fun.
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July 23, 2020
Awesome songs! Keep them coming please! Also if you would sometime in the future do Powerwolf - Raise Your Fist, Evangelist, that would be so awesome. Great song, strong beat (ideal for BS IMO) and it was nominated for metal anthem award too. Anyways, any songs will be great, your songs rock!
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Mapper, Playtester, Video Creator

I am a mapper who started out in early 2020. I mostly began mapping for the Metal-genre, which seemed a little under-represented in the custom maps available. While it is my primary genre I will also dip into others on occasion. This later evolved into doing my own lights as well, (which are hopefully getting good now), and even creating videos for other new mappers to help them get started. When I have the spare time I also do playtests for other mappers as well. You can usually find me in the BSMG discord, and also the newly re-opened mappers discord server.


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