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PinocchioP – Loveit (feat. Kizuna AI x Tomari Mari)

Mapper: AliceI love~ it! 💖 Lights by Lolighter. Map requested by ge2toro. Preview: Send feedback to me through Twitch or Twitter

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Injected With A Poison – Praga Khan

Mapper: Joetastic Thanks to wongy1971#1692 for the special request! Map comes with Cinema video as requested Keep up to date on my maps: My...

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Nameless – Toumei Elegy

Mapper: Shan_Man finally long awaited collab with Joshabi is here yay features some cool tech patterns tell me how they work out thank you Garsh...

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Whack-a-Block! [NE]

Mapper: wobbleorangeWhack-a-mole but with bloqs! E - all blue, single hits N - red/blue, center can be either, doubles and bombs H - like N but...

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Yooh – Road To The LegenD [Chroma 2.4]

Mapper: AaltopahWiCriminally undermapped? ofc it is. Do it yourself if it bothers so much. Two shit unpolished diffs. One mess of a lighting to go...

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Getting Along – Royal Republic

Mapper: Joetastic Thanks to for the special request! Keep up to date on my maps: My mapper's profile: Contact me on discord:...

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Mapper: ExistenceExpireGenre: Alternative Rock / Electronic If you don't want to see flying words or don't have MappingExtensions, just play "No Lyrics" difficult. Feedback (Discord): ExistenceExpire#9858 Feedback...

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Spider Dance – Toby Fox (Undertale modchart)

Mapper: nyri0 There are countless Undertale maps on Beat Saber, but what if you could actually experience a real boss fight? It's now possible thanks...

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Drown (ft. Mokita) (Blanke Remix) – Dabin

Mapper: DirtyAlexHoly fuck did Blanke kill it with this remix. The original song was already great, Mokita's vocals are incredible and the lyrics are...

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Jinsei Matatabi

Mapper: Emircute uwu

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Spiritbox – Secret Garden

Mapper: ExistenceExpire Genre: Progressive Metalcore If you don't want to see flying words or don't have MappingExtensions, just play "No Lyrics" difficult. Feedback (Discord): ExistenceExpire#9858...

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[Electro Swing Pack] Lyre Le Temps – Looking Like This

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[Electro Swing Pack] Wolfgang Lohr & Maskarade – Hit The Road Jack

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[Electro Swing Pack] Wolfgang Lohr & The Swinghoppers – Party Like It’s 1920

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[Electro Swing Pack] Jamie Berry – Lost In The Rhythm (ft. Octavia Rose)

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