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I started mapping after being inspired by BennyDaBeast's YouTube tutorials. Once I saw his tutorial on lighting, I was so pumped! The first song I ever mapped was Goodbye by Mokita & Maty Noyes. After I finished the lighting up to the first chorus, I watched it through and--I kid you not--when I saw that beat drop, I literally teared up. It was everything I had ever wanted for my music! I was always disappointed with how boring the light shows were at the concerts I went to. Now, with Beat Saber, I could make my own light shows and have a ton of fun dancing whenever I wanted. Quite honestly, this was a dream come true! My musical tastes mostly come from my Spotify. I listen to whatever Spotify's algorithms suggest for me, and over the years, I've curated a nice collection of genres like EDM, Trap, Pop, Asian, Jazz, Rock, and Rap music. I also grew up in the 90's and developed a taste for 80's oldies, so I've got some classics from those eras sprinkled throughout my collection as well. Most all of my saved songs were added because I could see myself dancing to them or learning how to play and sing them, so I've got a ton of material that I could put on Beat Saber eventually! My mapping philosophy comes from the idea that Beat Saber could be more than just a rhythm game. It could be a platform for people who really enjoy themselves dancing and grooving to their favorite music. I also wanted to make things accessible for my little nephew. For this reason, my Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties are mapped in such a way to make you feel like you're actually dancing with the Easy difficulty being made especially for small kids. Expert and Expert+ difficulties are for your PP farmers. This creates a lot more work for me with each song, but I think if Beat Saber's audience is going to grow even more, we've got to make maps for more than just your run-of-the-mill competitive player or video gamer.


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