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COR!S – Moon Garden (GHOST DATA Remix)

Mapper: ashad **WARNING: THIS SONG TAKES LIKE 30 SECONDS TO LOAD** yes its another ghost data song, its good go away. its also a full...

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WALK THE MOON – Lost In The Wild

Mapper: rayman9515 This map was requested by Lone_Ninja on Discord. This map has custom lighting and an Expert+ Standard difficulty. It utilizes the boost colors...

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Desmeon – Hellcat

Mapper: cyansnow M̢è̶ơ̷w̢͘! M̷̠̌ḙ̷͛o̴͉͒ẅ̸͔́!̷̡͐ M̵͔̠̾̏e̶̲͠ő̶̦̓w̵͚͛̕ͅ!̸̗̩͆͋̊͝

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[OSUinBS] Canta Bille – Real or Lie

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REDALiCE – PekoMiko Daisenso!! ft. 兎田ぺこら & さくらみこ

Mapper: bloodcloak Expert+ Preview: Kon Peko! I haven't fallen that far have I? I think I went a little overkill with the Expert+ difficulty that I...

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Royal & the Serpent – Overwhelmed

Mapper: fruhead Feeling that finals crunch? Worried about the pandemic? General anxiety with the news, and just feeling overwhelmed? Don't forget to take a step...

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Yoru ni Kakeru – Fubuki Shirakami

Mapper: pug 🦊

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Hi everyone! I'm BrightKnight, a curator for the Beast Saber Site. When mapping, I make maps for mainly Indie and Alternative pop and rock, but I occasionally will torture myself by mapping some 80s rock. I really enjoy playing (and failing) tech maps, but anything well mapped I am sure to enjoy. If you ever have feedback about my maps, DM me at BrightKnight#8389 on discord!


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