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Aitsuki Nakuru – Lilith

Mapper: ashadWIP cleanup from October. Probably jank. Mapped in 2:30

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Hatsune Miku – World is Mine (Geoxor Remix)

Mapper: ashadThis took a while, I kind of forgot this was sitting in my WIP folder pretty much since the songs release date. Oops. Mapping...

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Bad Computer – Destroy Me

Mapper: MoriikSince the start of Summer (roughly) I set out to map Bad Computer's EP 'Somewhere New' which released earlier in April on April...

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ALESDA! – Burn

Mapper: GojiCrafterKinda a jammer ngl Thanks to Fatalution for the mod and to Phøenix for the testplay! Fatalution's profile: Phøenix's profile: Also eventually this is gonna...

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[Fitbeat] Stefflon Don – Sixteen Shots

Mapper: irahiWARNING: Squats ahead! Technical swings ahead! Technical swings while squatting ahead! Get ready for some fit beats, this high energy song...

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Notaker / Declan James – Who I Am

Mapper: PhøenixHad a lot of fun mapping this one. Pretty standard of a level, hope you enjoy! Difficulties: Expert, Expert+ Length: 3:19 BPM: 210 NPS: Expert = 3.2,...

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[OMW.1] Crystal Skies – Crazy While We’re Young

Mapper: PhøenixThis map was a part of the OMW Event, an event where everyone paired with teammates to make a themed map, This one...

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Andromedik – First To Go

Mapper: TimboWhat an absolute banger. This is the first time I'm mapping my favorite genre, Liquid Drum and Bass 🤪 Song is cut a bit short,...

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[Remastered] Yunomi – Game Over (android52 Remix)

Mapper: JoshabiI got bored, and it was the anniversary of when I started mapping and made this, so I decided to remaster the map....

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Dance Korone Dance – Omiyaクラブ

Mapper: 3Stanshello fine description readers here is pogger omiya korn map from me and the eye. made with love, thanks to namaki mono, CocoaGalaxy and...

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[Alphabeat – Pixel Terror Pack] Pixel Terror – Amnesia

Mapper: mcchuchoPart of the Pixel Terror Music Pack - Presented by the Alphabeat Mapping Group. Get the playlist here: wait, I don't remember mapping this. Evidently...

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[DITR2] Crazy Shuffle – Yooh

Mapper: FalseRenderWow, this was by far the biggest project I've ever taken on, and a really fun one too. Shoutouts to @Dan#0219 for being...

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[DITR2] Vinai feat. Vamero – Rise Up

Mapper: DarkneZzThis map has been made by me: IDaDarkneZzI#7891, in collaboration with my coach: SlimyBlob, for the mapping event 'Diamonds in the Rough' (DITR)....

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[DITR2] fusq – Perfume!

Mapper: sphur1604Coach - ETAN (ETAN did expert diff) My discord: Sailor Sphur#1604 Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up...

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Bad Computer – 2U

Mapper: officialMECHCraig Ferrier, more commonly known in the electronic community as Bad Computer, unveiled the sequel to his first-ever self-released track, fostering not only...

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