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[SC2H] Dirty Palm – So Sick

Mapper: GalaxyMasterWE DID IT AGAIN BABY THIS IS A V3 MAP AND WILL ONLY WORK ON v1.20+ This map was made as part of SC2H, an...

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[HEXADIVER CH.1] u-z ft. CHERICa – Katharsis

Mapper: TheWildDashThe first of 7 maps I am uploading for my HEXA DIVER ~Fantasy Fairy Tale~ map pack. I decided to post this and...

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Camellia – R U Still xxxx?

Mapper: GojiCrafterok Thanks to Kansas and SpecVR for testplays! Kansas's profile : SpecVR's profile :

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{Modchart} acloudyskye – Somewhere Out There

Mapper: SwifterMAP 10. What can I say about this map. I feel like this is the culmination of everything thats happened for modcharting this entire...

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Mapper: Astrophel777 Banger song deserves a banger map (with some lean of course) If you don't like lean play the Expert diff This map utilizes the Cinema...

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Yooh – Decoy

Mapper: jabobgamingexperimental slider tech and bomb reset map completely inaccable thanks skalx for the playtesting 🙏🙏🙏 for rank Star Estimate: 11.4

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Waterflame – ThunderZone v2

Mapper: GojiCrafteryooo I just verified The Golden ok now that that's out of my system I really do like this song and I feel like...

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[o!mem]Reol – No Title

Mapper: EmirPart of the osu!memories Megacollab Song Pack

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Ryu* – Donkey Donk (Original Mix)

Mapper: tseskaDonk 3 ex+ rank yes

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Tsukidono & Takana – Extraordinary Future

Mapper: AmankinsAbsolute banger of a song and probably one of my best maps. Some really comfy tech, nothing extreme. Thanks to miitchel for helping me for...

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Mr FijiWiji – Reality is More Beautiful (feat. Matt Van) (Chroma)

Mapper: AliceIf you can't load the map, please install the mod "SongCore" from Has Chroma lights, please install Chroma for the full experience. ❤️ Map...

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ReeK – Metaphysical Sugar Bomb

Mapper: jabobgamingtook me way to long to finish it but im very happy with the final result i put a lot of effort into this...

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Laur – Alteregoism

Mapper: yabjeThe J! ty for the mods fqrb, gumy bear and elecast @shark720 made downmap map preview (can be a bit outdated): feedback to: yabje#0001

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Nakayoshi Sensation

Mapper: Minicoot61good song, i couldnt be bothered to map the 3 minute version so i only mapped the short version. :thumbsup: playtesters: Basil Verothan Irahi and pita 🙂

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Kokia – Fukurou

Mapper: SlimyBlobThe owls let you know. A visitor has come. The owls let you know. The feeling something is about to begin. Drift away on this beautiful song,...

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