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Benny’s Custom Song Mapping Tutorials

If you're new here, these videos are a bit outdated from back in 2019, so please head over to the Beat Saber Modding Group...

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Imagine Dragons – Believer (Audica)

Download Since Believer - Imagine Dragons is official DLC, we have removed the original custom song download. However, the map lives on in the form...

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X Gon’ Give It To Ya Maybe

A Refreshing New Dance Map! Ruckus done done it, yo! This is a delicious map and you should play it. I find it a treat...

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A Brief Guide to Flow-Based Beat Mapping by BennyDaBeast

I present to you my guide to beat mapping for Beat Saber! Based on the positive responses I’ve received to my beat maps, I...

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Spoiler – DJ Hyper

A must play experience for every being in creation... Heisenberg certainly surprised me with this one. Most of his maps have easter eggs in them...

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Spice Girls – Wannabe (raynarch)

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Freaks – Timmy Trumpet Savage

This Track Will Get You Pumped Up! A sleeper track? I think not. This thing will get your ripped and ready to go every single...

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