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Madeon – No Fear No More

Mapper: Checkthepan Chroma lights! Two maps in this one- one is a double directional map, the other is conventional flow. I hope you enjoy 😀

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Time To Make History [Persona 4: Dancing All Night Soundtrack] – Shoji Meguro & Shihoko Hirata

Mapper: Joetastic Map and platform preview: Try this map out with the custom platforms! It adds the animation of Yu Narukami Dancing to Beat Saber! Custom...

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Virtual Gaming [Tokyo Machine Remix] – Naeleck, Hige Driver

Mapper: Rexxz Found this and had to map it. Also practiced low diff mapping a tiny bit, since been getting into accuracy lately. E+, Expert,...

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Various Artists – Beat Saber OST Megamix

Mapper: Alphabeat It's the 3 year anniversary of Beat Saber! What better way to celebrate than with an ultimate megamix of all the songs from...

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FUN – Pitbull (ft. Chris Brown) (Cinema)

Mapper: Xavier Thanks to TinkerVr85 and llekel for testplaying and giving me feedback Also thanks to noxn for helping me sort out timing issues on...

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PSYQUI – Your Voice So… (android52 Remix) [feat. Such]

Mapper: meldi it's not slowed down >:( Thanks to Ezee ( ) Nyaanos ( ) for playtesting! Lights provided by Loloppe's lolighter.

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Always The Same – SIAMES, Barbie Williams

Mapper: Rexxz I love SIAMES, so had to map this. Also big thanks to Skyler helping me with the chorus section. Expert+ and lightshow diff...

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Hotel Garuda – Blurry Eyes (ft. RUNN)

Mapper: nitronikexe Longer days, longer nights Hide behind blurry eyes Discord: nitronik.exe#7974

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Lose Control – Hedley

Mapper: Bytrius Can I get a hell yeah?

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Swim – At Face Value

Mapper: rfcaps_ Collab with SSnowy and Olaf! A good friend of mine released a song with his band and I wanted to map it because...

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Yellow Claw & Flux Pavillion – Catch Me (ft. Naaz)

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daydaydream [Arknights Soundtrack] – HyperGryph

Mapper: Joetastic daydaydream is an EP song for Arknights. This map was a special request by Chesutapichi#4314 Custom platform and colors as requested. Keep up...

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Celldweller – It Makes No Difference Who We Are

Mapper: nitronikexe No price too great, no distance too far If we could wish upon a Blackstar It makes no difference who we are

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Lunar Light – Kanzaki Hiro

Mapper: idlebob Don't get Jebaited by the cover. Repetitive shitmap with good songe 🙂 Sauce:

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Privacy – My Heart Is Yours

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