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Boom Kitty / Ivy Marie – Any Other Way

Mapper: PhøenixAbsolute bop of a track! What more can I say? Heavily inspired from "It Takes Me" From the OST 4 pack, also by...

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Avantasia – The Haunting [Halloween 2021]

Mapper: CyrixSpooky Halloween Map 😀 A funny tech map with an optional lower difficulty that's just standard mapping. Had a lot of fun with the...

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Beneath The Mask – Lyn Inaizumi (Super Smash Bros. Remix) [Persona 5]

Mapper: BytriusThanks, RateGyro! Socials:

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[Chroma 2.4] Shoji Meguro – Heartful Cry -special ver.- (PERSONA COMPILATION)

Mapper: AliceIf you can't load the map, please install the mod "SongCore" from Smol tech map. 18.1 NJS because of offset bug ! Has Chroma...

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[Ranked] Geoxor- Moonlight

Mapper: ElecastReup with fixes A fun map of a nice song, it has all the difficulties for everyone to enjoy it! Special thanks to Timbo for...

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Last Surprise [Persona 5 Soundtrack] – Tournament Arc ft. Casey Lee Williams

Mapper: JoetasticAnother Casey Lee Williams Song outside of RWBY! what a treat >w< Thanks to for the special request! This map was requested for...

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Mapper: A JhintlemanA bit of a mix of dancey/techy map I did a bit ago. Made a downmap and polished some stuff - gonna go...

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Throw Away Your Mask [Persona 5 Royal Soundtrack] – Shoji Meguro ft. Lyn Inaizumi

Mapper: JoetasticAnother Persona song request from 😉 Keep up to date on my maps: My mapper's profile: Contact me on discord: @Joetastic#2501 EDIT: Improved flow,...

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Life Goes On [Persona 5 Soundtrack] – Shoji Meguro

Mapper: JoetasticTook a short hiatus due to my first week of Uni being really busy, but now that it's the weekend I managed to...

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You’ll Be Gone – YonKaGor

Mapper: EmotionalFlightGoing for ranked. Thanks to Alice for the spectacular mods! Bonus thanks to Vaser and BrightKnight for playtests. Expert+/Expert/Hard/Normal/Easy Standard Expert+ 360

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EmoCosine – Love Kills U

Mapper: AmankinsAbsolute banger from wacca. Collab between me and dm. Hope everyone enjoys it 😀 1st half is some slight tech, drop features the wideler....

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DHMPR & SPORIA – Tsukasa

Mapper: ElecastFollow me on Twitter: ● Follow DHMPR: ● Follow Sporia:

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Nya! – Sakura Miko (Zetokoa Remix)

Mapper: 3Stanshi I was gonna downmap this but ended up sitting on it for months instead lol blame pita for the lawless diff :smil: how...

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Crossing Delta

Mapper: Minicoot6112 hours spent mapping 7.73 swings per second 180 bpm special thanks to sopera for playtesting Reddek for playtesting Thyyeet for playtesting amankins for modding 3stans for modding spicy...

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Whims Of Fate – Lyn Inaizumi [Persona 5]

Mapper: BytriusThanks, RateGyro! Socials:

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