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[Fitbeat] Jess Glynne – Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself

Mapper: Scarladore*'Cause I'm just tired of marching on my own* Part of the 6-Pack Map Pack! Check it out here: Expert+ includes many squats, bombs,...

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[2000’s Rock Pack] Sum 41 – In Too Deep

Mapper: jre_mcnuggies2000's Rock Anthem Had so much fun mapping this

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[2000’s Rock Pack] Ignorance – Paramore

Mapper: BytriusI'm not the same kid from your memory. Socials:

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[Chroma env] (G)I-DLE – TOMBOY

Mapper: TocxxI'm a f*cking TOMBOY Preview: Thanks to: Dietah#0681 EmotionalFlight#4895 AllieeCute#0001 For testing and giving feedback on improvements! Join the kpop beat saber disc! I hope you all like it...

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Gerudo Valley – Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Mapper: RashedRashed#1325

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The Battle of Your Soul – Yuki Kajiura

Mapper: SourPatchGrampsThis is a standard acc map with a few flicks. Xenosaga 3 boss battle jammer! I wanted to thank all the play...

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Final-Boss-Chan – Camellia (Feet Saber FULL Version)

Mapper: cake_vrFEET SABER version of Final-Boss-Chan from Beat Saber OST 5! Usually Feet Saber maps are around 1-2 minutes long, but there were no parts...

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[2000’s Rock Pack] I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace

Mapper: BytriusThanks, Sepfy! Socials:

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House – Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Mapper: RashedRashed#1325

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SATV Music – Catch Us If You Can

Mapper: jre_mcnuggiesMapped for Pokemander_Flames as prize for Map Giveaway for BOOMR Subathon!

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Geoxor, SVRGE – DEAD

Mapper: ForsenCDPogUNEW GEOXOR SONG POGGERS! Honestly one of his best releases, The bass/sub on this is wack, in a good way. Spent about a...

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Mapper: eurnkungA b-side song from TEEN, AGE by the Hip-Hop Team unit.

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Mapper: eurnkungA b-side song from SVT Leaders unit. Special request by 9vvv

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BUTAOTOME – Kage Renbo

Mapper: EOP_Glacier# 111 omg 1/9 there to 1k maps, impossible cover image:

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[2000’s Rock Pack] Memory – Sugarcult

Mapper: gmiz92This may never start We could fall apart And I'd be your memory

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