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Saiya – Remote Control

Mapper: riasuh Osu Memories Map #3 HahaBall give me a break lmao Feedback: riasuh#2165

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A crowd of rebellion – M1917

Mapper: Joshabi God this song SLAPS so much. 3 difs spread, very happy with this map and the song slaps so please enjoy.

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Without Me – MitiS Feat. Danni Carra

Mapper: Remie Forty-Eighth Upload! One MitiS song that has been stuck in my head for a long time since the release of the "Lost" Album...

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MY FIRST STORY – 1,000,000 TIMES ft. chelly

Mapper: Bloodcloak Expert+ Preview: Banger song requested by kuromicchi Automated Lighting by Lolighter. Comments? Like it? Hate it? Let me know on Discord @Bloodcloak#5725 or Twitter...

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glaive – poison

Mapper: nolan121405 all dogs go to heaven glaive EP very very nice song

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Genshin OST – Raiden Shogun NIGHTMARE (Jordy Chandra Remake)

Mapper: Joshabi OST track playing during the Character Trailer for Baal or, Raiden Shogun, the God of Eternity and the Electro Archon. Manual Lighting, Nice...

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Assault & Batteries – Ice Nine Kills

Mapper: Bytrius Ade Due Damballa.

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Reol – Monster

Mapper: Joshabi Reol JamJam for future Reol Pack. FULL SPREAD! oh my god If you have anymore Reol song suggestions for the pack let me...

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die Verstimmung – Party [Chroma 2.4]

Mapper: Fatalution Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable all effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.4.9+ lightshow. Requested by the artist. It's time for me...

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Revolution (Ft. Virus Syndicate) – Ray Volpe

Mapper: DirtyAlex Ray has done it again with yet another absolute banger! I think this is also one of my favourite performances from Virus Syndicate....

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Camellia feat. Reol – Minazoko Yuhodo

Mapper: Joshabi Another Camellia & Reol Jammer. I reworked this and added lower difs as at some point I would like to put together a...

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ATEEZ – The Leaders

Mapper: SimplyMarvellous It's been a while again, 4 months of waiting for this to be released so I slapped on an Expert. Loved this album...

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Sayuri & MY FIRST STORY – Dawn

Mapper: Nolanimations 5 minute song awifgaeghpa0hui;so'[

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P*Light – Clip it Bro

Mapper: Timbo Good song, maybe ranked if I find motivation for lowers

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Scare Me (feat. Karra) – LUM!X, KSHMR & Gabry Ponte [Chroma 2.4]

Mapper: Fatalution Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma and enable all effects for the beautiful Chroma 2.4.9+ lightshow. Huge thanks to SlimyBlob for the RT mod! Full...

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