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February 18, 2021
I started playing Beat Saber in June 2020, and within a month or two I realized that there were a lot of maps out there that I didn't enjoy, even when they were songs I loved. By the end of August, I realized that there were mappers whose maps I enjoyed immensely. I soon discovered that about half of the maps that I went back to on a daily basis were made by Alekcake -- they were making fabulous and fun maps of songs that I adored!! I started downloading their maps of songs/ bands I didn't really listen to, and the maps were so much fun that I added new groups to my list of favorites. I think that speaks volumes about their talent as mappers!! They work with each song to bring out its unique beauty, and I have tons of fun experiencing the songs through their interpretations. Fast forward several months, and I've now commissioned a handful of songs from them. If you're on the fence about commissioning, I highly recommend that you just take the plunge!
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