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Blanke Music Pack

Track List: 1. Dabin - Drown (ft. Mokita) [Blanke Remix] 2. Blanke & RUNN - Lights Out 3. Blanke - Incinerate (ft. GG Magree) 4. Blanke - The Fall (GHOST DATA Remix) 5. TBA P.S. This project isn't 100% confirmed yet.


Slippy – Own Me

My second beatmap! This was my first time using chroma lighting in a full length chart (so it might seem a bit messy) and it was quite fun to make. This one took a while to make because I have been busy with school and I actually entirely re-did this level because I wasn’t satisfied with the previous version. I am also adjusting to making & experimenting gameplay so please bear with me if it appears to be not very good. But, next year I will have much more time and experience to push out a ton of high quality maps, so stay tuned! I recommend for people with Photosensitive Epilepsy to switch to No Flickering as this map has constant strobing and crazy lighting effects. Requested By Excalium.

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