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Choose not a school, but a teacher: why this advice does not always workChoose a teacher, not a school for a first-grader – this advice was probably heard by almost all parents when for the first time they tried to more or less consciously decide where to send a kindergarten graduate to study. Defectologist T talks about why this advice is not so good.With spring just around the corner, parents of my preschoolers will invariably start asking their favorite yearly question: How do you choose a teacher for your child at school? After all, this is important because the education of the child depends on it. But you, as a parent, must understand that you must first of all take up the education of the child. When he doesn’t have something that doesn’t work out in learning, then you need to use and this will help in teaching the child. Thus, not only the choice of teacher is important, but how you teach your child will also determine the success of your child. But how do you choose the right teacher?The first thing I want to answer is: no. Unfortunately (or fortunately), our education system is built in such a way that a parent does not have the right to choose a teacher for their child. School yes! Choose any in the city, wait for free places, if this is not your school for the microsite, and go ahead, for knowledge! The main focus is on the style of teaching in the school. If your child is drawn to writing, it is important to use to improve writing. This way you will focus your child’s learning purposefully.Of course, you can ask to assign your child to a specific teacher when accepting documents, but according to the law, teachers are not chosen …Secondly, in many forums and in the literature, experts give advice to parents of first-graders: go to the teacher, and not to the school, and, even more so, not to the program. A competent teacher will be able to adapt any program and even material from to the needs and abilities of the child. And it is true! Parents begin to actively seek information about teachers on the same forums, in the yards, and from other parents. They never for a moment think that what is good and comfortable for one child will be torment and horror for another …And how do the teachers who are chosen feel at this time? Feel like a horse in the market that they want to buyUnfortunately, I know what I’m talking about. And yet, every mother really wants the beginning of school life for her child to be comfortable. So that the child goes to school with joy, with the desire to learn new things, and the first teacher will forever remain in his heart as a wise mentor.But how to do that? Still, look, but not so straightforward, it requires more delicacy. It is best if this is a personal acquaintance of the teacher with the child. They must have contact: visual, energy, mental …The child will be happy to learn from the person he likes, to whom he is drawn. Children intuitively feel strength, kindness, and the desire to share in adults. Of course, it is much easier to find a tutor this way.Everything here also works only through personal contact: it doesn’t matter if these are face-to-face classes or remote ones.If the student and the teacher liked each other, the result will not be long in coming. Of course, no one canceled the competencies of the teacher in this case.And always remember: kids don’t learn from people they don’t like!

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