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Rocket Girl – Lemaitre (ft. Betty Who)

Mapper: snowman6251A special song request from my lovely wife. Includes a full difficulty spread and chroma lighting. I recommend disabling the flicker prevention for lower...

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Kanaria – Yoidore Shirazu [酔いどれ知らず]

Mapper: Gabriel微テック

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DECO*27 – Animal (Shiki Miyoshino Cover)

Mapper: ashadvtuber streak: 1 guest diff by @GalaxyMaster

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Bambous [Tech & Chroma]

Mapper: Taragon123I hope you like wrist rolls? Oh? You don't? Why are you reading more of this??? If you don't like wrist rolls stop...

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EnV – Pneumatic Tokyo [Chroma]

Mapper: HartzRemapped of my first map uploaded! Specials Thanks to! AaltopahWi Pixelguy For they're help with ironing out my mistakes.

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Wolfgang Gartner – Get ‘Em (feat. Eve)

Mapper: CheckthepanProbably will reup, looking for RT mod 😀

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Canada’s Rose (Rosedoodle Remix) [Noodle Extension, Chroma](1.21 MAP)

Mapper: HickeyChanMy first noodle map with mechanics 1.20 If your walls are not displaying correctly, just restart the game I tested everything on game version 1.21...

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MYUKKE. – Ginevra

Mapper: GabrielThis is Beatmap v3, so please play with version 1.20.0~. This is the first map I've used arc on, I'm still learning to use...

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DECO*27 – Chimera feat. Hatsune Miku (Chroma)

Mapper: AliceHas Chroma lights, please install Chroma for the full experience. ❤️ DECO*27 - キメラ feat. 初音ミク The lightshow for this map was created using ilysa:...

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Finana Ryugu – TSUNAMI

Mapper: ashad Vtuber streak: 2 Duck wall warning

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Justice – Phantom Pt. II (Chroma 2.4)

Mapper: Alice Has Chroma lights, please install Chroma for the full experience. ❤️ The lightshow for this map was created using ilysa: Map &...

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Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser ft. Miyoki – You Make Me Go

Mapper: Hartzthis took longer than it should have...

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Dilemma – DECO*27 (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Mapper: Danrabombexpert+ is pretty difficult tech so I made an expert but that was kind of hard too so then I made a third...

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Mapper: ashadRe-reupload to have a highway and not be aids to play Reupload to not have 329k lights. I'll revisit this someday and downmap it, maybe....

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ShinRa-Bansho – Pure-Hearted Armeria

Mapper: Kival Evan1st track of album Pure-Hearted Armeria, doujin album by ShinRa-Bansho. started this a year ago, such an odd timing. Illustration: Shimoda Masaya Metadata: Junjo Arumeria...

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