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Kurage-P – My R (Rachie Cover)

Mapper: Joshabi"There's no one who can interfere, no one to get in my way here, Taking off my yellow cardigan, watching my braids all come...

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INZO – I’m Dreaming {Noodle + Chroma}

Mapper: totallyballoonThis map has been in the works for the past 3 months. I have been working on it on and off due to...

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gladde paling – gladde visstick

Mapper: YasuVissticks en Iglo zijn al jarenlang een combi die niet meer weg te denken is uit het vriesschap.

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Ferrari Fitness [Fitbeat]

Mapper: SibsPart of the bbno$ Map Preview: Big thanks to Scarladore: ...

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Pirendora – Xeno Crystal

Mapper: helloimdaancollab with alpal cool song might rank Reup now with swag nolan downmap thx nolanimations 😍😘 downmap is pretty much another ex+ lol feedback can...

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JVKE – this is what heartbreak feels like

Mapper: riishiHi! First mapset on this account! Please enjoy! Keep up to date on my maps: My mapper's profile: Contact me on discord: @riishi#7324

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seatrus – %INCINERATOR%

Mapper: helloimdaansong released like today lol. Such a fucking banger of a song gotta love seatrus going for ranked once lowers are added

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Aiobahn & Nanahira – Inu no outa

Mapper: fqrbProbably not gonna go for rank with this one 🙂 Yell at me for double directionals on Discord: fqrb#0112

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AJR – Worlds Smallest Violin

Mapper: eeethanYTPART OF LEKRKOEKJ'S OK ORCHESTRA MUSIC PACK: ok so this should work on quest now (19.1+ ONLY)

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Yorushika – Evening calm, Somewhere, Fireworks

Mapper: Nolanimationsset up a 2 hour mapping challenge for myself to get back into mapping and this is the behemoth that rolled out enjoy or don't...

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you – Ajuga

Mapper: shradothis map is going for rank! THANKS FOR THE MOD SCARA I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH made more swag should be last upload i think...

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That’s Hilarious – Charlie Puth

Mapper: Faded99Yo! I just started and finished this easy map today and it is soooooo much fun to play! Come and check out the map...

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Kry.exe – Nekomata

Mapper: Dereknalox123This map has been in development since a couple of months but it's finally finished! Hope you enjoy! Expert+ | Hard | Normal -...

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The Score & FITZ – Big Dreams

Mapper: LekrkoekjAn Expert map for Big Dreams by The Score and FITZ! UPDATE: I previously uploaded with half of the lights done by accident but...

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Half Alive – What’s Wrong

Mapper: LekrkoekjThis was originally meant to be an Expert+ map but it turned out easier than I thought. I don't know if the patterns...

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