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Jonathan Young – Let It Go (2021 Power Metal Cover) [Arcs][1.22+]

Mapper: tetsubeats**For those who love arc maps**, big swoopy saber swings, and Jonathan Young, this is for you. NOTE: **Contains Arc resets** ...

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Your Turn – Memphis May Fire

Mapper: BytriusYou can't hide two faces behind a mask.

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Kevin Foster – Aces

Mapper: jre_mcnuggiesBig thanks to Cottonsmiles for the request. This was really fun to work on. The song really began to grow on me as I...

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[Fitbeat] yoga (feat. Rebecca Black) – bbno$

Mapper: gmiz92Do a little yoga, do a little dance Part of the bbno$ Fitness Pack Thanks to the testplayers for their feedback Scarladore AllieeCute

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Camellia – Play with Fire / Hiasobi (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Mapper: brightknightELECTROSWING Thank you very much to GalaxyMaster for lending me his ability to figure out what the crap the timing in this was. Thank you...

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[Chroma] Eliminate – Moisture

Mapper: Spinny"I swear to god if this track isn't in every single DJ's arsenal (in their playlist) by the end of the year, then...

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Mapper: BytriusYou'll never know if you get what you wish for. NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat Saber versions 1.20.0 or higher to...

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[V3] Misery – Memphis May Fire

Mapper: BytriusI can't escape it. NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat Saber versions 1.20.0 or higher to play. If you want to see...

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[V3] Sakuraburst – Cherry Blossoms Explode Across the Dying Horizon

Mapper: ashadAbsolute banger of a song, and I'm glad to say that it's finally out! Featuring 4 difficulties and a fully featured V3 lightshow...

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[V3] Eliminate – Elevator

Mapper: timeweaverDrop it like an elevator. This is my first V3 map! Complete with arcs, diagonal dots, and a full V3 lightshow! This map shall...

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Own The Night – Riot Ten & Crankdat

Mapper: DirtyAlexThanks to Fishering for the special request! Also thanks to @Akabaka for allowing me to use their incredible lightshow for this song! Aka is...

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Angel Voices – Virtual Self

Mapper: Joetastic---------Map uses the new 1.20 Note mechanics (eg: arch and chains) and won't work on any versions of Beat Saber below 1.20--------- Thanks to...

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Vylet Pony – Typewriter [NE/Chroma Plus]

Mapper: ZyxiWhisper Environment (Gaga) =========================== Dash across the water Thinking what could’ve been. Swept up by The undertow again, and again, and again- =========================== More:

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Vylet Pony – ANGELFISH [NE/Chroma Plus]

Mapper: ZyxiWhisper Environment (Gaga) =========================== All I feel is the numbness Maybe they’ve been right all along Is it my greatest failure? That I could write a better song? =========================== More:

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Dirty Palm – So Sick

Mapper: nitronik.exeDude, so sick Preview: Discord: nitronik.exe#7974

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