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Azazal – Meowter Space

Mapper: ElecastA tech map inspired in other maps of Azazal songs

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[DITR4] Christian French – avalanche

Mapper: vivryWow, what an event this has been. Over the course of about two months, I iterated on this map, learning new things along...

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DVBBS – Pyramids (Fatho remix) (Short ver.)

Mapper: VoidlessOmg normal diff and tech diff and harder tech diff😱 real 👍 HAVE FUN!!! If you see this you're hot 🥵 Feedback? Voidless#6755

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Riptide – Beartooth

Mapper: BytriusJust give me the rush. NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat Saber versions 1.20.0 or higher to play. If you want to...

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Sylosis – Arms Like a Noose

Mapper: jerkthehumanBalanced metal mop. E+: 8.71 NPS about 8.5* difficulty (preview: E: 7.49 NPS about 7* difficulty Thanks to Captain Arctic, Awangl for testplays!

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[V3] Eliminate – BREAKSH!T

Mapper: timeweaver Imma break shit This map has been in the works since last year. Happy to finally be getting it out now, with V3...

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[Alphabeat – Bass House Pack] Dirty Palm – To The Back (feat. Purple Velvet Curtains)

Mapper: nitronik.exeThis map is part of Alphabeat's newest pack: **Bass House**! We're happy to present the latest addition to our assortment of packs, featuring 9...

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EGOIST – Gold (Chroma/Cinema)

Mapper: CookedChiliegoist my beloved Full version of Gold by EGOIST from Build Divide: Code White. 24K (Expert+), 22K (Expert), 18K (Hard), 14K (Normal), 10K...

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Scoring The End Of The World (ft. Mick Gordon) – Motionless In White

Mapper: BytriusAmplify or die. NOTE: This is a V3 map. Please use Beat Saber versions 1.20.0 or higher to play. If you want to see your...

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Jonathan Young – Let It Go (2021 Power Metal Cover) [Arcs][1.22+]

Mapper: tetsubeats**For those who love arc maps**, big swoopy saber swings, and Jonathan Young, this is for you. NOTE: **Contains Arc resets** ...

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Your Turn – Memphis May Fire

Mapper: BytriusYou can't hide two faces behind a mask. Socials:

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Only Human (ft. AJ Channer) – Memphis May Fire

Mapper: BytriusHeavy is the head that wears the false crown. Socials:

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Kevin Foster – Aces

Mapper: jre_mcnuggiesBig thanks to Cottonsmiles for the request. This was really fun to work on. The song really began to grow on me as I...

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[Fitbeat] yoga (feat. Rebecca Black) – bbno$

Mapper: gmiz92Do a little yoga, do a little dance Part of the bbno$ Fitness Pack Thanks to the testplayers for their feedback Scarladore AllieeCute

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Camellia – Play with Fire / Hiasobi (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Mapper: brightknightELECTROSWING Thank you very much to GalaxyMaster for lending me his ability to figure out what the crap the timing in this was. Thank you...

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