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Hiiragi Kirai – Bocca Della Verità (Mika Melatika Cover)

Mapper: ashadquick polish up of a year old map for mikas graduation. sorry if its shit. o7 Preview Video:

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[CHROMA] USAO – Climax (Chunisaber Edition)

Mapper: VoltZeerChunithm tribute! Standard is basic tech and dancey stuff, fairly accable. Lawless is a bunch of heavy tech and patterns I thought were fun. Inspired...

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ARMNHMR & Synymata – Lonely Nights (feat. Medyk)

Mapper: sofieBeen working on this one for a while. This is probably my biggest map yet, even though it doesn't have the most amount of...

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[V3 Lights] Subtronics – Spacetime (Feat. NEVVE) (Virtual Riot Remix)

Mapper: Avexushad this one sitting as a wip for a while. it's finally time to release it thanks to @Rxerti for the sick v3 lightshow...

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[Noodle Extensions] [Chroma] オドループ (Oddloop) – フレデリック(Frederic) Cover by Lefty Hand Cream

Mapper: Listener-INTJThanks for curated! I used the moon model from the example, if this is not allowed please let me know, thanks! This map requires Noodle...

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[BL Ranked] Parry Gripp – Guinea Pig Olympics

Mapper: LightAino one asked me to rank so i rank. i felt like imitating the original subscription so enjoy this -- difficulties gold = ex+ silver = high...

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[Chroma] PrototypeRaptor – Spooky Tune

Mapper: smile249Happy Halloween everyone! I recently felt like lighting some more since its been a while. Spent about 5-6 hours on this piece, I hope...

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[V3] Charlie Puth – Light Switch (Shiki Miyoshino Cover)

Mapper: ashadI've been working on lights for this map for around 6 months now, and I'm relieved to say it's finally out with the...

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Loossemble – Newtopia

Mapper: vivifromloona🏞️ New new new new new Newtopia 🏞️ With all my friends, @Jonas_0_0 and @verociity !! verociity: Ex+ (chorus 2 and post chorus 2) Jonas_0_0: Ex...

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Cassette Tape Dream – Sharou

Mapper: swukpuffI mapped this 7 months ago and then a bunch of (good) stuff happened in my life that kept me away from mapping...

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OneShot – On Little Cat Feet (sunnexo remix) [Chroma]

Mapper: ben208silly ah little map pancakes!

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Too Late 2

Mapper: xxZAROKxxI suck at all these patterns, Alyssssamazing loves them. I made this one for me to practice so I can get gud one...

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Frums – sing sing red indigo

Mapper: officialMECHQuirky map for quirky song. Enjoy! **CONTRIBUTORS**: CocoaGalaxy - Tester (Hard, Expert)

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nanobii – www

Mapper: wobbleorangewww - the next rainbow road? needs V3 geometry

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JKuch & Adam Tell – Data Loss

Mapper: GalaxyMastergot this song stuck in my head until I got hit with divine inspiration for the second drop so I put that down, got...

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