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aldn – fall at the same time

Mapper: GojiCrafterSomehow this is the first map @GalaxyMaster and I have collaborated on? That sounds wrong since we've worked pretty closely for so long...

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[Chroma] Jason Ross & MitiS Feat. Dia Frampton – Take You Home

Mapper: night4 months ago I lost my closest friend @lonely. Not a day has gone by that she hasn't been on my mind and...

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Ado – Ashura-chan

Mapper: Tofu TOFU#7254

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Porter Robinson & WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA – fullmoon lullaby

Mapper: officialMECHEverything we need is already here. CONTRIBUTORS: swukpuff - Tester (Expert+)

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Srav3R – Bomb the rave [One Saber]

Mapper: BlackJackadvanced dance mapping big rotations and lots of dodge/crouch walls a one saber only map of bomb the rave

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Brief Moments – Solo

Mapper: realcodaSomething different again. Super calm. Acc map with 2 difs and a lightshow.

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Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions – Checkpoint

Mapper: Avexuskinda shocked to not have seen a modern map for this yet. but that's what i'm here for! balanced map without any speed patterns...

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Black Tiger Sex Machine x Lektrique – Religion

Mapper: A JhintlemanBeen in the works for a while, with a lot of off and on polishing, and a bit of reworking. I now bring...

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[Fitbeat] Besomorph & Meric Again – Written in the Stars

Mapper: Scarladore*Written in the stars………A million miles away* For Dwanali 🍑 Expert+ is full of big, dancey swings along with my usual squats, bombs, dodge...

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Feed Me – Stay Focused [Noodle/Chroma Plus]

Mapper: UndeceiverFunny Noodle gameplay shenanigans included, but if you are a boring person and can't stand it don't worry there is a gimmick free...

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glaive & ericdoa – handle me

Mapper: GojiCrafterextremely dated by this point (almost 2 months old) God I fucking love glaive and ericdoa what an amazing duo thanks to: @Scarladore @AllPoland @GalaxyMaster

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Vylet Pony – I Don’t Need To Be Fixed [Modchart]

Mapper: ZyxiNeuro Environment (Dragons) =========================== I just don't know what went wrong. =========================== “I DON’T NEED TO BE FIXED” is about neurodivergent love. Special thanks to Lily/Lonely <3 =========================== More:

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{Modchart} acloudyskye – Storyteller

Mapper: AurellisIt's finally here! I have finally decided to join the trend and make a modchart to acloudyskye. Honestly, their music is just something else, it's...

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Marnik – Up & Down [REMASTERED]

Mapper: SuperMemer417We did it. After two years , Me and @TheGoodBoi took one of the biggest Beat Saber modcharts of all time, and remastered...

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[Chroma] [Queue] Tanger – Bang!

Mapper: SlimyBlobBANGER SONG BANGER MAP Epic collab with @Timbo and @Pixelguy!!! Older map that has been reworked for rank. Thanks Purp1e for modding! Expert+: Slimy's Bangblob! Expert: Timbo's Bangbo! Hard &...

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