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MAPPERS: Get Better & More Feedback On Your Maps Before Releasing

We’ve been hard at work on providing better ways for mappers to get better & more feedback on their maps that they’re working on before releasing them. Getting others to test their maps is one of the most helpful things an early mapper (or even an experienced one) can do.

Even if you’re not a mapper, but just enjoy playing maps and have a decent sense of what works and what doesn’t, please consider donating your time in the #mapping-discussion of the BSMG Discord playtesting maps. This is more helpful than you might know for mappers.

We’ll soon be creating a separate channel for map playtest requests. For now, simply add your request in the #mapping-discussion channel. You’ll zip up your WIP map (the whole folder like you’re going to upload to Beatsaver) and then drag it onto the Discord chat with a description of your map. Once that’s done, right click on the Zip that was uploaded, click “Copy Link”, and paste it in the code below:

CleanShot 2019-02-13 at 11.32.53@2x.jpg

https://supermedium.com/beatsaver-viewer/?zip=https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/{Add your Discord map ZIP URL here}

It should look something like this:


Simply add this URL below your ZIP file that you uploaded for testing and other people can start to give feedback on it.

If you would like feedback on a particular spot in your song, you can scrub to that place in time and from within the viewer, you’ll notice a time marker added to the end of the URL like this: “`&time=15“` (which refers to 15 seconds into the map).

CleanShot 2019-02-13 at 11.44.50@2x.jpg

For Those Giving Feedback: If you are giving feedback to a certain part of the song, you can also copy the URL at the time you want to comment on and add it before your comment so that the mapper can easily see where you’re talking about.

CleanShot 2019-02-13 at 11.49.35@2x.jpg

One thing that I’d LOVE to get added eventually are comments built into the viewer, but for now, this should be a HUGE improvement to getting feedback on maps that you’re working on. It can be a lot of work and exhausting for others to playtest maps (especially bad ones) and being able to take a quick peek at it will hopefully open the door to more people giving helpful feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please take the time to thank the amazing Supermedium team for this viewer. Thanks!

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  1. helencarnate says:

    Sounds like this has now been updated from #mapping-discussion to #testplays. 🙂

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