Little Shop of Horrors – The Playlist! In 360!

In October 2019, I released my 39-minute Little Shop of Horrors map, featuring the entire soundtrack of the movie version of Little Shop in one epic map. Since then, it has been downloaded over 17,000 times! I am often asked when I’m going to release the individual songs – well, today’s the day!

This playlist contains each of the songs in Little Shop, not only in their original Normal and Expert difficulties, but now also with an ExpertPlus 360 version for each one! Please note that the original Expert level ranged in difficulty from high Normal to Expert, and the Normal level ranged from Easy to Hard difficulties, so some of these individual maps might seem a little easy for the Expert rating, or a little hard for the Normal rating. It’s because they have the rating they had in the original map. This playlist also includes the original 39-minute map.

The 360 maps, besides being 360, also have a higher note jump speed than the original, so they are a bit more challenging, but still completely doable. These are TechButterfly maps, after all!

Huge thanks to Maybeemae, who playtested the new 360 maps, and to MajorPickle, for his help with the timing on the original map. Also, really huge thanks to Darkuni, for helping me break down the original map into the individual songs – you’re the best!