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UPDATED: Let’s Help Kyle 1413 (legendary modder) Get An Oculus Quest!

Update: You made it happen!! Thank you everyone who generously gave for this. Within less than 12 hours, Kyle reached 183% of his goal! This community is amazing! ❤️



I would like to highlight one more modder today (who’s also done fantastic work with PC modding):


Sc2ad has spent many many hours working to create mods for the QuestQuest modding wouldn’t be where it is today without him and a lot of the work he’s been doing is paving the way for more advanced Quest mods down the road.

But… he unfortunately doesn’t own an Oculus Quest either.

I want to be careful at bombarding the community with donation requests, but PLEASE, take the time to view his support page here if you can:

Donate here: https://ko-fi.com/sc2ad_support

From the page: I’ve set this link up because I don’t have an Oculus Quest, even though I have made many mods for the Quest including HitScoreVisualizer, CustomColors, and more. When making mods, I am sometimes forced to wait upwards of 36 hours in order to receive tests, which slow down my development time significantly. By owning an Oculus Quest, I would be able to develop at a significantly faster rate, which would allow me to create even more mods, and make them work much quicker.


Original Post:

For those that don’t know Kyle, Kyle has been an absolute FORCE in the BSMG (pretty sure he’s not even human with the way he works). He’s really helped make the Beat Saber mod scene what it is today.

Just take a look at https://beatmods.com and look at the names on the modders.

CleanShot 2019-07-15 at 16.41.47@2x.jpg

I’m not saying he’s the only amazing modder (there’s SO many in our community), but today I want to single him out to recognize him for the amazing contribution he’s given to this community. He’s done SO much (even outside of mods) that most people don’t even know about.

I found out today he has a fund setup to donate towards an Oculus Quest.

CleanShot 2019-07-15 at 16.58.25@2x.jpg


So please, help us make that happen! Bsaber will donate anything that doesn’t get funded, but seeing your love and support directly to him would mean a lot and can keep bsaber growing in other ways.

Please remember to also go out of your way to thank all of the modders and mappers that make this game amazing and something we keep wanting to play every day. Thanks for helping to make this happen!!


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  1. AutismCat says:

    Just some small facts, Kyle have made around 27% of all mods (14/51)…. Keep up the good work both Kyle and other modders 😉

  2. Woot! TY Kyle1413 & elliottate 😀

  3. dezi says:

    Mhm i wonder where the link is to donate to elliotttate ^^’
    I only found the patreon for bsaber

  4. Eddie says:

    Impossible geometry

  5. Eddie says:

    https://youtu.be/PnKxhbRqqx0 I can only do the YouTube linkr

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