Introducing the BeastSaber Mapping Awards

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN December 1 – December 14 | Nomination Form

What maps released this year have truly inspired you? Here’s your chance to help us honor the best of the best! Introducing the first annual BeastSaber Mapping Awards , AKA: The Beasties, celebrating excellence in the art and science of mapping and lighting!

The Beasties were born from a desire to recognize the most flawless maps created this year, those that go beyond being simply “curatable.” Much like the Oscars, the Beasties pay tribute to true artistic and technical excellence – by mappers, for mappers.

Nominations in 29 categories will be open to the Beat Saber community starting December 1st. Awards fall into these broad groups:

BeastSaber Mapping Award Categories

Individual Awards

  • Map of the Year: The best map of the year. Full stop. It has it all – representation, emphasis, flow – everything coming together for an incredible playing experience to go with the song.
  • Pack of the Year: The map pack with the mostest. A tight theme, new high-quality maps, and a great presentation across all difficulties, wrapped up in a .bplist bow.
  • Mapper of the Year: A mapper who not only excels in their art but also shares their experience, leads, and mentors as they are able. 
  • Lighter of the Year: A lighter – vanilla or chroma –  who not only excels in their art but also shares their experience, leads, and mentors as they are able. 
  • Rookie Mapper of the Year: The best up-and-coming mapper whose first map was released during the nomination period.
  • Rookie Lighter of the Year: The best up-and-coming lighter whose first map/lightshow was released during the nomination period.

Map Style Awards

  • Best Tech Style Map: With more angles than a dodecahedron, the best map in the “Tech” category bends the concept of parity to its will to create a challenging sight-read that retains great flow.
  • Best Speed Style Map: Nothing screams “speed” more than that feeling of lactic acid setting in after tackling thousands of notes at mind-blowing BPMs, and the best map in the “Speed” category delivers an extra helping.
  • Best Dance Style Map: Some people say that dance maps are the gateway drug to tech. With a blend of big arm swings, high movement, and a bit lower density, the best map in the “Dance” category gets players of all ages grooving to the beat and sweating up a storm.
  • Best Balanced Style Map: Look in the sky! Is it a tech map? Is it a dance map? Is it a speed map? WE DON’T KNOW! The best map in the “Balanced” category is the mutt of the neighborhood – a little of this, a little of that – all combining into one fantastic map.
  • Best Challenge Style Map: Ranking Criteria? Curation? Mapping fundamentals? These are but chains to restrict the seemingly endless and wild imagination of challenge mappers. The best map in the “Challenge” category pushes the limits in every way.
  • Best Acc Style Map: Chase that sweet high accuracy in a very, very careful dance. The best map in the Accuracy category has excellent rhythmic choice and well-placed emphasis with the fewest amount of notes.

Supporting Map Awards

  • Best Single Saber Map: Whether you are injured, have a disability, or just enjoy working one arm at a time, this map uses the OneSaber game characteristic to hold your attention and keep you entertained.
  • Best No Arrows Map: Whether you’re a maul mode maven or a feet saber fanatic, this NoArrows characteristic map puts a smile on your face every time you slash or hop.
  • Best 360/90-Degree Map: This 360- or 90-Degree characteristic map keeps you spinning eternally with thoughtful, well-timed rotations and brilliant mapping.
  • Best Full Spread Map: This map has something for players at every level and does it with style and masterful mapping. To qualify, the map must have all five *true* difficulties – Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, ExpertPlus. Maps with multiple E+ diffs by different mappers are not eligible for this category.
  • Best Collaboration Map: Teamwork makes the dream work and this map personifies that. Whether the mappers each placed one block in a single level, or multiple mappers contributed to a multi-diff masterpiece, this map shows the power of what can be accomplished TOGETHER. To qualify, the map must have had two or more MAPPERS involved (lighting collabs are not eligible).
  • Best Ranked Map Under 9 Stars: Celebrating a ranked map under 9★ difficulty that you enjoyed so much you would have played it even without the PP grind.
  • Best Ranked Map 9 Stars and Up: Celebrating a ranked map at or over the 9★ difficulty that you enjoyed so much that you would have played it even without the PP grind.
  • Best Sub-120 BPM Map: [Barry White Voice] Now we’re going sloooow things down and celebrate a chill map under 120 BPM. Sometimes maps do not, in fact, need to go BRRRRRR.
  • Best 120-174 BPM Map: Break out your Top 40 Spotify playlists because this category celebrates those well-constructed maps between 120-and 174 bpm that cover most mainstream music, though any mapping style and any genre can be nominated. 
  • Best 175-249 BPM Map: Look… we can argue all day about mid-speed or not mid-speed, tomato, tomahto. This category celebrates well-constructed maps with a little pep in their step in the 175-249 BPM range – any style, any genre.
  • Best 250+ BPM Map: Then again, sometimes maps DO go BRRRRRR. This category celebrates the speedcore, speedmetal, extratone, and all of that other BRRRRR stuff of the world in a well-constructed map that goes NYOOM – any style, and genre.

Lighting & Modded Mapping Awards

  • Best Vanilla Lights: The best “Vanilla” lights use ONLY base game mechanics and not only perfectly represent the music, but also add that ‘WOW’ factor when playing.
  • Best Vanilla+ Lights: The Best “Vanilla Plus” lights extend the vanilla look and allow lighters a bit finer control, incorporating Chroma elements for color and control of ring and laser speeds. Maps that use Light ID would fall into the Chroma category.
  • Best Chroma Lights: Full RGB Color in all of its glory! The Best “Chroma” lights category is full of any and all light shows that might make you drop the Full Combo to marvel at the beauty in the background using whatever the Chroma mod has to offer – RBG color, precise component control, and using Light ID to expand their toolbox.
  • Best Chroma+ Lights: You might have seen some maps floating around that don’t look quite like they were made in a Vanilla game environment… the Best “Chroma Plus” category puts these maps in a league of their own! Any maps which have modified environments using the Chroma and Heck mods but do not require Noodle Extensions to play can be featured here.

  • Best Artmap: The best “Artmap” category celebrates breathtaking experiences that absolutely cannot be missed. Art maps use anything and everything in their power – Chroma, Heck, Noodle Extensions, the kitchen sink – to convey the music and/or tell us a story through the creative use of mods but do not alter actual game play.
  • Best Modchart: Here? There? Where is the next note coming from?! The best Modchart category includes maps that alter the gameplay in mind-blowing ways through animation and manipulation of notes and obstacles.

Know an amazing lightshow but aren’t quite sure how it was made? Put it in the “help me categorize this” option and we’ll get it where it belongs!

To be eligible for the 2021 awards cycle maps must have been released between December 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021. Our curation team and other volunteers from the mapping community will narrow the nominations down to no more than five finalists per category. Finalists will be announced publicly at the end of December.



The Nomination Process

The Beasties celebrate the best of the art of mapping. Maps nominated for a category should, at a minimum, be free of objective mapping issues. Maps chosen from nominations as finalists will be magnificent specimens of the modern mapping meta, follow mapping best practices, or showcase the mapper’s skill in artfully playing with the “rules.”

How the process works.

  1. The nomination form for all 29 categories will be released on December 1st. Submit complete nominations for as few or as many categories as you like (the more, the better)
  2. Once nominations close, a group of mappers will select the finalists in each category. If a mapper on the team is nominated in a category, they will abstain from selecting finalists in that category to remove any perceived bias. This is not a popularity contest. Finalists will be selected based on the technical and artistic qualities of the map, not who made them.
  3. Finalists will be announced on New Year’s Eve, at which point Verified Mappers will begin voting on the winners. Winner will be kept SUPER SEKRIT until our big awards ceremony streamed online in late January.

Important notes about nomination.

  • You are not required to submit something for all 29 categories – nominate what you’re passionate about!
  • Mappers and lighters cannot self-nominate. They may NOT pay or bribe other people to nominate them or vice versa. They MAY ask their fans like you for their support, though if you are offered compensation in exchange for a nomination, please let an admin know.
  • Each nomination must be complete to be accepted. Most category nominations will require:
    • The BeatSaver/BeastSaber link to the map
    • A link to a playthrough video of the map
    • A blurb about why you think the map/lights deserve to be nominated
  • Playthrough videos may be recorded for nomination purposes OR you can link to an existing playthrough video of the map from YouTube.
  • When justification for the nomination is requested (hint: all of the categories require this), write what you need to get your point across. Five paragraphs for each nomination isn’t going to give it any bonus points.
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