Uber Rave X

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
14 9

Mapper: Fenshua Difficulties : Expert, Expert+, Challenge Length : 2:14 BPM: 175 Challenge : – Made for really confident players. – the 360° and 33 notes stream pattern is in the folder (P…


Danger – 8:02

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
34 6

Mapper: pixxlycube Didn’t think I would actually be able to upload this one today, but here we are. First time ever I attempted to make use of json editing inside the map, and oh boy, was it a m…

klexx World

C’est La Vie

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
37 4

Mapper: Klexx Normal, Hard, Expert easy/medium/hard/expert; This song/map is peppy and fun. Each level builds on the one before, so if it’s too tough, try one difficulty lower until you get the …