FWLR – Hot

Difficulties Hard Expert
26 1

Mapper: Nexus FWLR’s newest song “Hot” released on Monstercat; also found in Rocket League. In response to the great outcome of my last beatmap, I went on to make another one, this t…


Chirality – Camelia

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
5 24

Mapper: ayylmao Chirality – Camelia, Definitely super proud of this map, had lots of fun and thought it was well done, the difficulties are all a little bit hard than meant to be besides expert …


Danger – 8:02

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
32 5

Mapper: pixxlycube Didn’t think I would actually be able to upload this one today, but here we are. First time ever I attempted to make use of json editing inside the map, and oh boy, was it a m…

moistwang Video Game

Mii Channel Theme

Difficulties Hard
187 11

My version of the Mii Channel Theme. I was working on this when the first was released, but I didn’t want that work to go to waste.…