Paragon Theme
Difficulties Hard Expert+
1 1

Mapper: TurboFist Difficulties: Hard, ExpertPlus The theme song to the cancelled game Paragon from Epic Games Didn’t care much for the game myself unfortunately, but the soundtrack was otherworl…

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
12 0

Mapper: TurboFist Difficulties: Expert, Hard, Normal Civilization by Justice Just an incredible song. I hope my presentation of it through Beat Saber does it justice… (obviously, I do not own th…

Simple Chords – Caramusic
Difficulties Hard
3 0

Mapper: GustavoBR44 Difficulties: Hard Hello! This is the first map that I make for Beat Saber. It’s a simple one. Any feedbacks, contact me on twitter: @gustavobr44 And thanks for playing it!…

44 More – Logic
Difficulties Hard
2 4

Mapper: MantisToboggan Difficulties: Hard Great song from Bobby Tarantino 2, I think it goes great with the beat, if you have any suggestions message me on reddit – u/Peter_vanek…

Van McCoy – The Hustle
Difficulties Hard
0 2

Mapper: filletus Difficulties: Hard This is my map where walls are sophisticately decorated, hope you Enjoy. 🙂 (Warning:if you’re playing this for the first time or after downloading it, Wall De…